Of Fauci: few people globally, historically damaged the US & world like Dr. Tony Fauci did with COVID response & the fraud COVID gene injection, conspiring with Birx & Francis Collins, Daszak, Baric

by Paul Alexander

It was Fauci & Birx & Francis Collins lockdown lunacy & school closure policies that harmed the US, killed many due to suicides etc.; Fauci single handedly destroyed any trust in government agencies

Every single COVID lockdown lunatic and COVID gene injection policy was entirely not necessary. All! All that were devised and implemented by Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins! This was about power, money, control. Drunk power. Lunacy IMO. And malfeasance mixed in with pure ineptness and corruption. Nothing Fauci did or said worked, not one thing. He, Fauci, is part of a scientific elite that has had devastating consequences on America and the world.

Dr. Anthony Fauci’s legacy in terms of his policies will be one of lies and distrust and ineptness and flipflops and hubris and hysteria and arrogance and absurdity and cunning and purposeful deception and duplicity and divisiveness and politicization and noble lies. Fauci has, on his very own, single handedly decimated any trust and benevolence that large segments of America’s population had in it’s governmental alphabet agencies, especially it’s public health and medical research and regulatory agencies like the CDC, NIH, FDA, and NIAID. His policies and shrewd cunning double-speak have turned people off of the alphabet agencies and him.

In my lifetime, no one has created the catastrophic mess that Fauci has (with Birx and Francis Collins) as they failed to follow the science and were actually working ‘against’ the science, defying it at each turn. They worked to suppress the real science and to silence critics and contrarians like myself, Kulldorff, Bhattacharya, Atlas, Wolf, McCullough, Ladapo etc.


In some sense, it was near malfeasance what they did for they knew better as to the value of early anti-viral treatment of COVID (with drug treatment for the hyperinflammatory ‘cytokine’ immune dysregulation phase and the blood clotting, micro-thrombi phase), they knew better as to natural innate and acquired-adaptive immunity being robust, life-long and bullet-proof relative to vaccinal immunity, and they knew better that asymptomatic transmission was not a key driver of the pandemic.

They, Fauci and Birx knew they were lying to POTUS Trump and the nation as to ‘two weeks’ to flatten the curve. They had their grand design to enact and this was just a lie to get the nation locked down and they knew once we complied day one, that we would never re-open until they decided. Regardless to what the science was showing. When they said that we will not implement a mask mandate, they knew they were lying.

They knew that all exposed persons were not at ‘equal’ risk of severe outcomes (10 year old Suzie was not at equal risk of mortality as 85 year old granny with 3 underlying medical conditions) and that COVID was amenable to risk stratification with a clear age-risk steep incline curve. They knew that a ‘focused-protection’ was optimal (and not a carte blanche approach) and they knew very early on that the COVID gene injection was sub-optimal and would have not provided the protection and safety that was needed. They knew the gene injection would potentially not curb infection, replication, or transmission, and that such an injection would via natural selection pressure, drive emergence of infectious variants, viral immune escape, antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and disease (ADED) as well as original antigenic sin. They all knew these things yet did not and still do not care, for something ‘other than science’ continues to be at play here.

The US’s alphabet agencies such as CDC and FDA have been plagued with dramatic and gross mistakes and some very devastating such as CDC’s failed initial COVID testing that forced the US to fly blind for 5 weeks as the virus seeded across the Eastern and Western flanks of the nation. The scandals in the alphabets across the last two decades have been numerous and catastrophic, yet Fauci has delivered the death knell. The bell tolls for the CDC, NIH, NIAID, and FDA now, it tolls.

Fauci had no public health expertise and was akin to a bench scientist who should have stayed in the lab. He is and was a pure technocrat who showed us how incompetent one can be when their days are spent in a bureaucracy. He treated not one, not one COVID patient and this is part of his legacy! Fauci’s Gain-of-Function (GoF) NIH/NIAID research funding and work with the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Baric (University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill) and Daszak (EcoHealth Alliance) will go down historically as one of the gravest mistakes and devastating failures. In global history. For he had a direct role in the emergence of this SARS-CoV-2 COVID virus.

He should have resigned early on during the Trump administration over the catastrophic toll his lockdown lunacy policies were having, as well as POTUS Trump should have fired him and Deborah Birx outright, along with Francis Collins. POTUS Trump failed to fire this trio very early on which was a grave mistake and this caused the deaths of many thousands of Americans due to their lockdown lunatic policies.

For example, it was clear that he, Fauci, was conspiring (had some decisive role) with CDC Director Walensky (and the Teachers Unions) to keep schools closed and deprive children of an education for as long as they, the unions, could keep their teacher members at home. While our children languished and suffered, many school children in America taking their lives as a consequence. Our children were deprived of two years of in class education and the ability to socialize and mature during a very critical stage of their psychological, maturational, and emotional development.

Yes, Fauci and Birx with the CDC and Teachers Unions saw to this. Poorer children even fared far worse for a large majority also lived single parent households who could not afford to shield nor had the resources to support remote learning. Poor children in America get their only meals in school and thousands, if not millions, starved daily due to school closure. Physical and sexual abuse is usually flagged for the first time in the school setting and closing schools meant thousands were not detected. But Fauci et al. and the laptop, ‘zoom’ class of people did not care about the ramifications of the lockdown lunacy to children. As long as the Teachers Unions were satisfied, for at the end of the day, politics is all that matters and the union dues. The ‘votes’.

Yes, Fauci and Birx et al. costed the lives of many business owners, many laid off employees, and many of our children by their lunatic lockdown policies (lockdowns, school closures, mask mandates, business closures etc.) that had no scientific basis. Not one of their lockdown polices were successful in curbing transmission or reducing risk of death and were shown very early on to be failures and catastrophic failures at that. Yet Fauci and Birx and Francis Collins responded by locking down harder and longer.

Just look at what he did to women, girls in America. Him and Birx and Francis Collins. “The CDC said that, from 2019 to 2020, the incidence of girls ages 12 to 17 who were rushed to the Emergency Room after attempting suicide jumped by 51 percent. E.R. admissions for eating disorders doubled among the same group, according to the CDC, and tripled for tic-related disorders, which experts trace in part to TikTok. (During roughly the same period, the overall U.S. suicide rate, which skews heavily male, dropped by about 3 percent.)”.

The reality is that Fauci lacks the type of gravitas and finesse to know when the time is up and when he should go, or should have departed, lacking the decency to resign. The population today is done of Fauci and does not trust him nor take anything he says as serious or truthful and he still cannot understand that, so much so that he has announced a retirement yet with a protracted finale.

It will be best for the nation if Fauci exits today, now, if he can grasp the nation’s mood or POTUS Biden must fire him. Today. POTUS Biden will actually gain the merit that POTUS Trump lost by keeping him around.