Of Joe Rogan, the n-word, & men: his past words were insensitive, humiliating, & maybe damaged his career life long; its an ugly word especially if used nefariously; so is 'blackface'; Trudeau?

by Paul Alexander

He is questioning COVID vaccine, that's why; I think Rogan did not mean ill, I think like many, most of us, he carelessly said things in the past he regrets; can't destroy the arc of a life like that

The data is clear that the vaccines have failed on COVID and actually can kill. That the COVID pandemic is over and all the lockdown policies failed. That the vaccines must never be given to children. That 12 European nations are dropping the mandates now for there is no scientific basis.

What about Trudeau’s blackface?

Rogan must stop saying sorry now; he said it and has been contrite and now he must move on and do not do this mea culpa over and over as it makes you look meek and weak. Stop! The media will never let you live it down so you go on with your life!

This is not about Rogan’s use of the n-word, as indefensible as that was but I think he can remediate this. He can. This is about his questioning the COVID response and the failed dangerous vaccine and the use of early drug treatment. This is the nasty life we live now, they will look and try to find ways to smear and slander and they found his.

But I say no, do not allow that. Look at the entire arc of his life. All of his words. Not a few. His deeds. Unless I see otherwise and I dont, then I see an imperfect person who has many good years ahead to do much good. A child of God, like all of us, making his way. Broken, imperfect, like me…I am always open to learn but unless there is any crazy deeds out there, his offensive careless and highly insensitive words were always there. And we accepted them or accepted him with them there. So whats different now?

I am of Caribbean heritage and my great great great xxx grand father was a plantation slave. I do not think he, Rogan, is a bad person and he did not mean to hurt anyone and would say things differently if he could. I really do think so. From all I have seen, I am not going to join into any attack on him. I see a sincere person explaining his failure. And we are all imperfect, fallen, and human. We make mistakes. Like most of us who say things inappropriately at some time. Especially in our younger days. And lets face it, we were mostly raised in arrogance and ignorance especially by our parents of the 50s, 60s, 70s who were messed up themselves and they did not care about what they said and what they patterned to us. We are a product of them and we had to learn and decide what was good and bad as we grew up. And to be different too. But they too did the best they could.

What do I mean? I mean he is being attacked and destroyed, for lets face it, he said these things many years now. Its been there. Always was there for all to see. He is being cancelled and slammed now because he is like me and others who have stood up to question the COVID response and vaccine as to effectiveness and safety. Thats what this is about. COVID and his questions. They knew of his words before and he was judged from among a larger body of work. But they who want to destroy his anti COVID vaccine stance have found they could use this and are using it effectively to damage his credibility. And he is a comedian originally and MMA fighter. So the media and haters want to say he is an idiot and not informed. Who was he to opine as he did? Stick to cage matches. Actually, he is more informed than most and he is more knowledgeable than the entire CDC and NIH and FDA idiotic inept, illogical, irrational, unscientific dangerous reckless people. He is alike the typical person who is no elitist and scientist and doctor etc. He is as informed as the lay person who is more educated than the idiotic television medical experts on CNN and FOX…that is why he is being cancelled, because he ‘gets’ it and is questioning these failed vaccines that have failed and are dangerous and will kill more. it is killing now. and will kill thousands of our children.