"Of mice and Men", NO, it's "Of mice, COVID gene injection, and the FDA": the FDA authorized the updated bi-valent vaccine (comprised of Wuhan legacy strain and BA.5 sub-variant clade) based on 8 mice

by Paul Alexander

No human studies, just 8 mice...and now will roll it out to tends of millions...I predict this bi-valent vaccine will once again FAIL and will drive infectious variants as the current failed shot has

The greatest gift you can give a child today, is to keep them COVID injection free, never put that poison into them! This is your greatest most consequential battle. Win it! Defend your child, buy their innate immune system (and innate antibodies and NK (natural killer) cells time to train normally while being exposed to live viruses. The COVID injection will sideline and subvert the necessary training and binding by the innate antibodies to live viruses in children and leave the INNATE immune system in children dysfunctional and broken.