Of Novak Djokovic & CDC & US OPEN; CDC's ineptness & insanity & Dr. Rochelle Walensky can keep her mea culpa as CDC continues to circle the drain in what it did to America with COVID lockdown deaths

by Paul Alexander

Tell them shove it Novak Djokovic, your natural immunity is STRONG & served you well, it is those moronic ill-informed vaccinated people & players talking smack; you wait! they are in harm's way, WAIT

I was asked to go to Flushing Meadow US Open to give a speech on this bullsh*t banning of Novak, outside of the facility. Rally is planned. I cannot for logistic reasons and also mainly as per the car accident, I am in some discomfort and having medical contact tomorrow and next day as part of treatment. Else I would have been out there speaking against the insanity of CDC and this illogical, irrational, specious, without basis decisions. It’s pure ludicrous and I know Novak will get his wins in time and be crowned the greatest to ever play.

Wait it out brother, you are informed and made your decisions. You have come this far and your immunity is the prize, as vaccinated people today will give anything to get what you have (and I), our immune systems. It’s that simple. By remaining unvaccinated with that fraud dangerous immune destroying gene injection, you are way better off today. Huge praise Novak. Respect. Do not be like the 17 Ontario Canada doctors that dropped dead. Do not be like the many across the world, young healthy people just dropping dead with the new cause of death category the medical profession is pushing: ‘Death from unknown causes” (DFUC)….imagine that, doctors will watch you in your face now, after partaking in killing you with the vaccine, to say its DFUC…I say this, I know many of these malfeasant medical doctors are going to hell, if it exists, that’s where they are headed. I hope so.

These malfeasant doctors caused this, for had they said no to the criminal governments and the fraud deceitful technocrats in the alphabet health agencies and done their job and defended natural immunity as superior to vaccine immunity and used early treatment and said the COVID gene injection is not effective and cannot be safe, and refused to use it on the population….had they done these, then we would not be in the devastating societal situation post COVID response from failed lockdown lunacy to the fraud COVID injections. We would have not suffered collateral damage and deaths of healthy people. These COVID advisors, these governments, all involved, the vaccine developers such as Moderna and Pfizer, have the deaths of our peoples on their hands. We need proper public legal inquiries.