Officials of HHS, CDC, NIH, FDA (top level) including house and senate came to lunch in lunch room in HHS building where my office was located in DC; after congress, WH, HHS, or senate, came for lunch

by Paul Alexander

I sat in some of those lunches & meetings, many times silent, listening, talking, honored to be there (secure access lunch room), sometimes with & without my own team; I made many friends/confidants

Yes, the calls were coming from ‘inside the house’, yes, POTUS Trump’s greatest threats, his presidency, was from inside his house, his WH, among some of his very own people, the establishment and deepstate bureaucracy were aligned against him DAILY, worked against him daily, and they were not shy about it; because he was fixing it inside out; he actually was fixing America; he, POTUS Trump, was the enemy to these people, and many of his own; this stunned me, as I listened to people daily and the assumption was that I WAS like them and I thought they felt because of my thick accent and immigrancy, that I would be averse to Trump; actually I was not for all I saw and knew, he and the ones that mattered to me, were non-racist and very very welcoming; from all that I knew from those inside the WH, he was one of the most embracing, welcoming POTUS’s, to everyone;

There are things I just cannot share ever in terms of the sensitive nature of the discussions and what I was allowed to listen to especially in the HHS lunchroom given who attended; but some I can and will and will do now/shortly, the things I think the nation should and must know. The title was to ensure you understood, where I sat and whom I had lunch with when I had lunch. The walks and runs on the Washington DC mall with whom. I was in a unique position. People seemed to want to hear what I had to say and my views as a scientist being not biased or political, just raw science, and simply my way of looking at the issue, and somehow they seemed to feel comfortable talking to me and sharing.

I have always told you that the COVID mRNA injections are ineffective and not properly safe. McCullough, myself, Cole, Urso, Zelenko, now Malone etc. There is a reason. The decision was yours but you were guided and coerced by your doctor and the media and the medical establishment and the government. Again, the mRNA injections were never effective or properly safe.

I was in a unique position. Unlike any other you will come to learn. I have already shared what I will share shortly. My version and what I know will come to light. In the end, I will share how Fauci, Birx, the media, the deepstate, China and WHO, and some in the administration used US lockdowns and a flawed fraud RT-PCR test to hobble and doom a sitting president. Lockdowns and a flawed fraud RT-PCR test to impose and mandate a vaccine that they knew, they all knew, was ineffective and not properly safe and not safety tested. They all knew, those whose job was to know, it was common knowledge. They counselled and guided POTUS Trump as experts, and in so doing used the over-cycled, overly sensitive highly false positive PCR test as the tool, the dagger, and greatly spooked and misled him, and it was the PCR test and lockdowns (in that order) that was used to scare you into vaccine compliance and if I were asked, what is the one entity, one action, one step, one tool used in the COVID response that was damaging, that would signify all that was wrong with the response, then I would say without a doubt, it was the PCR test, as the tool to destroy POTUS Trump’s re-election. They used it well.

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