OK, not too good a shot but here is me speaking today at the Lincoln Memorial, with the one and only Abe looking on, what a shot, and that's Dr. Robert Malone seated behind and his wonderful wife

by Paul Alexander

This is the shot of a life time...I am now looking at it & my pores raised for it is remarkable how they shot it...I stood where Martin Luther King stood; and our fight today is as grave, as critical

This battle now is for the safety of our children…there comes a time in our life when all we ever did, all about us is for that moment and the arc of our life will be measured on this time mainly…this time is now…we will damage and likely kill many of our children with these vaccines, this be the hill we be prepared to die on…

Our prep meetings involved bullet proof vests, bullet proof glass all sorts of issues for these are dangerous times…the honor it was to stand with the other doctors and scientists…this be America, the greatest nation and she is in trouble and sure is worth fighting for…so I am in the battle…I always dreamed of being a soldier and I guess, where I fell short, I am trying to give in this way…as are you, so thank you for supporting me and sharing and helping in this period in our history…where America goes next, the world goes in this.