OMICRON BA.4.6 & BA.2.75 variants may well emerge as more infectious & dangerous to the lungs than the current BA.5 sub-variant clade; we are seeing BA.4.6 increasing in spread; new booster may be DOA

by Paul Alexander

Yes, I just wrote that, but we need to wait & see, but the new BIVALENT booster from Pfizer may be ineffective as soon as brought out if BA.4.6 supplants BA.5 as the dominant clade; look at graph

Remember, as per my prior stack below, the FDA is authorizing this bi-valent shot based on a study on mice, 8 mice. Not 8 humans and only 8 mice.

This is pure insanity and I raised several points prior for consideration that I include again:

1)Original Antigenic Sin (OAS) (antigen immune imprinting, fixation, prejudicing based on initial exposure, vaccine etc.); antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (ADEI) and antibody dependent enhancement of disease (ADED); viral immune escape; natural selection pressure; keep these concepts always in your mind as you assess these failed COVID gene shots. It remains the rate limiting step.

2) they have not done the proper testing especially as to safety

3)they have not conducted any of their studies including the legacy trials for the proper duration of follow-up; long-term harmful and death sequela remains a massive concern as it is happening in the short and medium term already

4)Tests as far as I have heard are only in mice thus far and results and decisions being based on 8 mice? Mice model is not the human experience and behavior and response and this is ludicrous

5)As far as I know they are also relying on data from the BA.1 human trials and BA.5 mice trials for their EUA authorization. This is ludicrous for the BA.1 is not a dominant variant; BA.1 and Wuhan are obsolete.

6) Having the initial Wuhan legacy strain as one of the contents of the booster vaccine (that spike) with BA.5 spike is a joke for the Wuhan strain is long gone, is not dominant. This will drive Original Antigenic Sin and viral immune escape. Again how inept can these people at CDC and Pfizer and FDA be?

7)An increase in antibodies is not representative of how the immune response will be and this is the garbage type science Pfizer and Moderna have subjected us to so as to get their fraud killer shots into us, and the corrupted inept FDA has accepted. It is the FDA that fails each time. Why? Corrupted bogus vaccine maker methods to show effectiveness such as ‘immuno-bridging’ (immuno-bridging) with antibody spikes in young kids used as a measure of immune response success if it matches increases in antibodies in prior adult or other older children trials. Such utter garbage. This is scientific malfeasance!

8)All of these EUAs are based on antibody titer surges. This is crap bogus research and tells us nothing for as we saw the antibody levels wane quickly (gets to negative efficacy in a week) and this is the continuation of these malfeasant vaccine makers driving profits by having you on the booster tread-mill and you cannot come off. This is fraud. This is criminal IMO. It does not work, will not work and will never work. We are being tricked again! A ‘shiny toy, shiny object’ again, a new booster and it is a fraud, will fail!

9)This is the ‘Future Framework’ bullshit we were telling you about that the FDA is operating under, has corruptibly devised, where future COVID etc. vaccines will not be tested, they will be carte blanched approved once shown to be ‘similar’. Similar how? Antibody surges? You sit back and think about it for a moment and tell me how much hair you pulled out of your head.

Additional source:

FDA set to authorize updated COVID-19 booster shots for newer Omicron strains without completed human tests: Agency will assess new jabs based on mice research and older vaccines

See my prior stack on this:

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Look, IMO and I am a student of Geert Vanden Bossche, and this bi-valent injection is dead on arrival (DOA) and can only drive further adaptation and evolution of the virus. Negatively. The resulting vaccinal antibodies will place the omicron spike under sub-optimal immune pressure and Pfizer and the FDA continue to not understand and have no clue of what they are doing, greatly under-estimating the evolutionary capacity of the virus to evolve, and do not understand the dynamics between the virus and the host immune system.

IMO there will be original antigenic sin (OAS) (prior immune imprinting, priming) with recall of the vaccinal antibodies to the legacy Wuhan strain. This means potentially that the recalled antibodies can outcompete the BA.5 vaccine induced antibodies for the omicron spike and the virus will be resistant to the recall antibodies. This will drive selection pressure and thus natural selection which will select for more infectious sub-variants and thus expansion of the sub-variants which will be enriched in the environment. We are looking at antibody-dependent enhancement of infection (and disease), original antigenic sin and viral immune escape. Vaccinated persons will potentially be at risk for infection and severe illness.

See Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche’s view on this bi-valent updated COVID injection:

SOURCE TrialSite news:

Geert Vanden Bossche

Geert’s conclusion:

“One wonders though why studies conducted to test these new vaccines have only enrolled baseline seronegative participants whereas the new vaccines will predominantly be administered to people who have already been vaccinated with first generation C-19 vaccines. This is quite striking as usage of these updated C-19 vaccines to fight dominantly circulating Omicron variants in previously C-19-vaccinated populations is highly contra-indicated as it violates all basic principles of vaccinology…

Updated C-19 vaccines comprising new mRNA- or protein-derived S-associated sequences of one or more Omicron (sub)variants will only further deteriorate the already dire consequences of C-19 mass vaccination—abundant cell surface-expressed and/ or free circulating S protein will cause a unilateral and potentially protracted recall of IEABs without priming neutralizing Abs against new Omicron-specific antigenic sequences in the vast majority of healthy vaccinees. Whereas the purpose of these novel vaccines is to enhance protection against continuously evolving variants, they will have exactly the opposite effect, in that they will enhance the evolutionary dynamics of the virus. Continued mass vaccination with novel Omicron-adapted vaccines will only increase population-level immune pressure on viral virulence by the IEABs (which currently have a virulence-inhibiting effect at the level of the lower respiratory tract). Large scale vaccination with these updated vaccines will merely expedite natural selection and expansion of SC-2 variants that will exhibit a high level of virulence and infectiousness in vaccinees, while sparing the unvaccinated from this impact.”

See 2nd row for the BA.4.6 sub-variant prevalence at this time (2nd at this time) and we need to wait to see what happens with BA.4.6 and if it emerges as a dominant clade that supplants BA.5, then the new bi-valent COVID shot (comprised of Wuhan spike and BA.5 spike) will be sub-optimal and likely contribute to the same disaster we are having now. The new bi-valent shot will not work optimally for the BA.4.6. Whereby the vaccine drives infectious sub-variants and thus the pandemic will last for 100 years as it seems planned.

Dr. Harvey Risch shared this updated graph of the % transmission/circulation of the dominant and circulating variants.

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