'Omicron'...'Oh My Gosh'...same damn thing...this is just pure absurdity and nonsensical as has been all of the COVID polices from lockdowns, to school closures, to mask mandates...all were failed!!!

by Paul Alexander

This is all a fraud and I say criminality now by these lockdown lunatics for all of this Omicron is manufactured fear and propaganda; children hung themselves, but these lunatics do not care if again

This is just pure malfeasance by government people plain and simple. Power over us and drink with it! There is no basis for any of the restrictions…NONE! The science does not support it and if it did, I would be trying to share and inform…like the vaccines: if they had worked, if they were were needed and if they were safe and properly developed, I would have supported it. They do none of what was just said. NONE!

Fauci is the little goblin the Lilliputian leading this madness, this illogical, irrational, specious response to this manufactured variant. And his shotgun buddy the complicit lying decrepit media, that sleeze bag of a group UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Look, I do not know how else to tell you for I do not know if you will be saddened but the so called pandemic (and I have argued many a time this was never ever a pandemic, never got to that place to be a pandemic) is OVER, finished, done. It has been done at least 15 months now.

We knew one month in that COVID was amenable to risk stratification and that your baseline risk was prognostic on your sequelae and that the vast majority of persons will have no issue with COVID…we knew that baseline risk was perfect to help tailor an approach and that an age-risk stratified approach was needed, a focused approach that geared to the risk and not a ‘carte blanche’ approach that killed more than it helped….we knew how to treat it and manage it one month it at most 2…by end of May 2020…all of this from June 1st 2020 had no scientific basis. Political theater but theater that killed many people who gave up and killed themselves. We had reports in US states of little children found hung…they hung themselves and Trump knew and this is why he was begging and fighting these beasts Fauci and Birx…these beasts…they hurt Trump for he fell for it, he trust and believed they were advising him well…they were not…Trump begged the states and schools to open he fought with Fauci and Brix and these lockdown lunatics, he really tried hard to right the ship but the mistake he made was ceding so much decision making and power to Fauci and Birx and it took on a life of its own. Trump failed for he should have fired these Benedict Arnolds on the spot and the devastation of the lockdowns in the US and globe was due to these two…

Let me say it here so you can share: there is no data, anywhere, that I or others know about, that shows Omicron is lethal or worse than other variants…NONE. There is no such evidence. This is fear porn…they have, these bastards, no evidence of any of what they are saying…just made up drivel and tripe. These lockdown lunatics. There is no data for any of this yet they wont stop…they know its over, they know its over over a year now but trying everything they could…this was and is about power, compliance, grift and graft…this is about people making obscene money and from pharma all the way down to the street…hospitals…health care people…

What bothers me is how inept, how stupid, and incompetent these COVID advisors are in US, UK, Canada Australia etc. and the equally inept technocrats and bureaucrats and leaders in governments…pure idiocy and garbage flows from their mouths.

I end by saying that they will only stop, our governments, these power drunk lockdown lunatics, if we stop them…we have to take it back…wrestle the power and our freedoms back to us….not with 5 people marching, we need hundreds of thousands if not millions marching, peacefully, a couple days non violent peaceful protest. We need to shake the ground as we march, that many…and we must vote these bastards out and investigate them and imprison people who did wrong, if it is shown…legally. The police and military are our friends. They feel the pain and this disaster too with their own families and are concerned too.