OMICRON resistance to vaccinal antibodies (Abs) is PERFECT; vaccinal Abs will no longer 'outcompete' the INNATE antibodies (in children/young persons) thus INNATE are 'set free' to STERILIZE the virus

by Paul Alexander

GVB has refined this nicely and I see it lining up beautifully to explain that IF we create an 'OMICRON-specific' vaccine, we will again suppress INNATE Abs that cannot sterilize/neutralize the virus

This above is the grave concern (creating an OMI specific vaccine); on one hand, Omicron’s existing resistance to the vaccinal Abs is actually positive in this situation (oddly enough) for it ensures that the vaccinal Abs do not outcompete the INNATE antibodies for the specific antigen/spike; this means the INNATE Abs are now ‘set free’ and it regains its functional capacity to sterilize the virus by binding to it etc.;

However, if we create OMICRON-specific vaccines with greater Abs affinity to the spike, then the vaccinal Abs can bind to the virus and as such block the INNATE Abs from binding to the virus; the INNATE Abs will be suppressed/subverted and unable to sterilize the virus;

It is important that the INNATE Abs get a crack at the virus (remain ‘free’) given it is sterilizing, low-affinity, broad specificity and can sterilize a range of variants and stop infection and transmission; this is the key, since the vaccinal Abs cannot stop transmission;

Thus having an OMI-specific vaccine will ensure that we never ever get to population-level herd immunity with these vaccines because the vaccine does not stop infection or transmission and also, it prevents the INNATE Abs from functioning to bind and sterilize the virus. Moreover, with this, the result is greater infection in the vaccinated.

This can leave children vulnerable to COVID and also to a broad range of pathogen.

Bottom line: do not vaccinate children, LEAVE them alone. Allow the most potent player on the field, the INNATE immunity of children and young persons, to function optimally.