OMICRON was NOT 'nature's vaccine or a 'blessing' as we prior thought; we were WRONG; & this disaster is happening due to the non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs that we must STOP vaxx!

by Paul Alexander

Geert Vanden Bossche; we misunderstood for we wanted to believe that we were in the clear but disastrously, we are NOT, the COVID sub-optimal vaccine places us in danger; high infection & low deaths

At the core of this public health disaster are non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies (due to use of the non-sterilizing vaccines) that do not neutralize/eliminate the virus (as such, do not cut the chain of transmission and thus cannot get to herd immunity) and are working to drive emergence of highly infectious variants (selection pressure selecting the ‘fittest’ variants) that are increasingly vaccine resistant. Viral infectious pressure intersecting with mounting, sub-optimal, non-sterilizing vaccinal immune pressure. Basic immunology will tell you that variants MUST result. This is why I say those involved know exactly what is happening and what will happen with these vaccines. It is almost as if this is deliberate.

I am no immunologist or virologist but am heavily worked in the area of COVID and now immunology etc. so I am trying to explain as I understand. I want to share and inform. Please bear with me. I stand on the shoulders of my friend Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche, some Malone, some Yeadon, some McCullough, lots Byram Bridle. These are such incredible experts. We are all colleagues and work together as we confront the madness of COVID. These are my views informed largely by GVB. I am laying it out how I understand the current immunology as an update, and we learn more within this psychopathy called COVID lockdowns and vaccines.

Every thing over the last 2 years and for sure the last one year on these vaccines (and lockdowns and school closures) for this mutable respiratory COVID virus, were lies. Pure lies! Meant to deceive. Not one of their lockdown lunatic polices worked, not one! All, Fauci, Bourla, Bancel, Francis Collins (the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse), all lied to you, fully! The more of these shots your get (double, triple, 4th boost), the older you are e.g. 50 and over, the more at risk of hospitalization and death. We see it in the UK data, we see it in the Scottish. We see it all over. We must get proper accountability one day soon in proper public inquiries to assess who did wrong in these vaccines for we have a problem where they told us that the vaccine would end the pandemic and all you needed was your initial shots, then to hear you needed a 3rd, then a 4th shot, and to hear that it is not working with any semblance of protection waning near immediately (in weeks). They lied to us!

Clean them out financially, make them penniless, if they did wrong and caused deaths, if we show this with proper legal inquiries (only then), and imprison them if need be! Yes, I said jail them, jail them all, all who caused deaths needlessly. All who were reckless and all who did not follow the actual science, blinded by corruption, greed, bias etc. Any one who played a role in these vaccines (and lockdown lunacy) and caused deaths and we can show this conclusively with proper public inquiry, then jail them! I know there are some good well meaning government officials and health officials in the COVID response. No doubt, but many also did wrong here and caused much harm and death by their actions.

Examine people like Njoo and Tam in Canada too, Williams in the Ontario province, all involved, federal, provincial, city level governments and Task Forces in all nations. Look into the Ontario Government Task Force COVID Science Table and that nutball moronic idiot David Fisman and his bogus CMAJ study, scientific crap on the vaccinated being at risk from the unvaccinated! What nonsense and his paper and model was so very flawed methods wise. CMAJ has fallen tremendously by the publication of that junk pseudo-science, masquerading as real science and it is designed only to drive hysteria and vaccination in the public.

I always say, follow the money $. Start there.

Examine College of Physicians and Surgeons players, State Licensing Boards. We must never allow ‘mea culpa’ in this COVID response for these beasts know and knew what they are and were doing was wrong. They had no sound data or justification, just they were power drunk lockdown lunatics and sold out vaccine freaks. We must come to understand each and every policy decision, by whom.

We are saying, based on what has happened thus far with the COVID mRNA vaccine, the utter disaster and failure, the harms and deaths accrued, that we are fortunate that the non-sterilizing vaccine is only driving highly infectious variants with a competitive ‘fitness advantage’ e.g. BA.2, BA. 4 and BA.5 etc. This can drive the dominant propagation of new, increasingly vaccine-resistant variants.

But we are talking now about the potential, and very shortly we theorize, for an infectious variant (immune escape variant) to emerge as before that would become enriched (proliferate) in the environment and become ‘dominant’, but one that is also highly pathogenic/lethal that could devastate humanity. Infectious and deadly at once. I know fully that the vaccine developers Pfizer and Moderna knew this could happen and they decided to still continue to roll out a non-sterilizing vaccine in the midst of a pandemic with massive infectious pressure, knowing that the sub-optimal ‘immature’ leaky immune pressure will only impose selection pressure for variants. Why? Was it purely greed? Were they that stupid? That inept? Was it malevolence? It has to be one of the two. Was it a combination of greed, ineptness, and some malevolence? I cannot believe they are that inept and incompetent. Something does not make sense that they would bring a flawed vaccine out of the gate this way.

Where was the benevolence to the society/world? They knew and know what we are facing and yet will not stop. How could they mislead POTUS Trump this way? He depended on their counsel and he trusted that Bourla, Bancel, Azar, Fauci, Francis Collins etc. were being honest with him and guided him optimally. They did not. They mislead him and we are facing disaster. I know that these mRNA vaccines are very dangerous. They, Bourla and Bancel know this. Fauci et al. know this. Walensky knows this. Collins know this. The question is why for they brought a vaccine destined to fail, out of the box. It COULD not work, period. This vaccine has shown it cannot work, so then why not stop? Why not stop it? I am saying again, and warning, these are very dangerous, do not vaccinate your healthy children with these as you would damage their innate immune system. Children bring near statistical zero risk to the table. Your government, the media, the public health officials, and your doctors have lied to you! Most involved have some form of liability shield and protection. Only your child is exposed if they are harmed or die from the vaccine. Please take your time and read and listen and ask questions.

All we need to do is stop this sub-optimal non-sterilizing, non-neutralizing vaccine/injection, whatever you call it. Stop it! It is very dangerous as it does not work effectively and is harmful on its own, not properly safe and the spike as an endothelial pathogen damages the vascular endothelial lining (and glycocalyx) and causes massive clots and bleedings (micro thrombi) but what we are ALSO doing is driving variants and severe illness due to the vaccinal Abs. It has to stop!

High infection & low deaths/severity all at once; is this not what you are told? we ourselves were fooled; this is very unusual and actually dangerous for what is to come. When it is said that OMI is mild, it is NOT due to the virus being mild, it is NOT due to something special about OMI…no, no, no, something unusual is happening due to the pressure placed by the non-neutralizing Abs on the spike that makes it appear to be a good thing e.g. that the OMI is mild yet infectious. It is NOT. I will try to explain for it is evolving for me and I am trying to unravel it for you.

In brief, the unvaxxed person has won the lottery of a life time, the best decision you could have ever made, as long as you are healthy and stay unvaxxed you are in a tremendous position, NOT the vaxxed. Your innate immune system (innate Abs and innate NK cells and other components) and to an extent acquired-adaptive immunity will be trained as you would be continuously exposed (may have even recovered from infection) and the innate etc. will get stronger/trained with time. DO NOT take the vaccine. IMO, it is the unvaxxed and especially our children and young persons and their potent INNATE immune systems that can sterilize the virus , who will get us out of the danger we are looking at.

We either have to stop the vaccine completely, or reduce the infectious pressure (amount of infection around us) with massive anti-viral chemo-prophylaxis. One or the other, but one of these two is needed and urgently.

We are actually in trouble with Omicron in the context of this sub-optimal vaccine. The vaccine is causing infection in the vaccinated by the vaccinal Abs that are non-neutralizing (in the URT in the mucosal layer and throat etc.), binding to but not eliminating the virus. While preventing severe illness in the LRT.

This is very unusual behavior we have seen for the first time especially when we witness that the downward slope of the waves/curves do NOT come back down to baseline; we are seeing more rapid curves, higher peaks, peaks higher than prior ones, and not getting back to baseline (herd immunity) with each wave; this is not normal and we are arguing this is the devastation of the mRNA lipid-nano particle vaccines.

We are seeing high infectiousness in the upper respiratory tract (URT) yet low severity in the lower respiratory tract (LRT, deeper along the respiratory tract and inside the lungs). We could have high susceptibility to the virus (infections) yet low severe disease. How come? What could explain this?

We now know it is due to the non-neutralizing antibodies (Abs) working in a dualistic manner and we are actually in deep trouble, based on Geert’s assessment. If 5% of what he explains is true, we are in trouble.

The reality is that the non-neutralizing Abs that are induced, bind to the virus’s spike (receptor binding domain/epitopes) but does not neutralize/eliminate it. It however enhances/facilitates infection (infectiousness of the virus). The infectiousness is not due to any properties intrinsic to the omicron e.g. it is not more transmissible, but due to the binding of the non-neutralizing Abs that does not eliminate the virus yet facilitates infection.

We have to understand the viral-host ecosystem dynamics (the context) by considering the virus/omicron itself, the host’s immune system, the sub-optimal immune pressure, the infectious pressure, and the mounting sub-optimal immunity and pressure on the infectiousness (spike) of the virus. All together. NOT that the virus is more transmissible. It is the pressure by the sub-optimal immunity (vaccinal Abs that are non-neutralizing) placed on the spike itself that is the key. It is the enhanced infectiousness due the non-neutralizing Abs binding but not neutralizing and at the same time, facilitating infection. This is why there is so much infectiousness at the level of the URT in the vaccinated persons. Huge infection of the VACCINATED host and risk of transmission.

We are getting evidence that the very same non-neutralizing Abs at the URT that bind to the virus’s spike but does not neutralize the virus, can get to the LRT and prevents severe disease by preventing fusion of infected cells with non-infected cells (simple explanation). They prevent formation of syncytia that is associated with severe disease. This prevents severe disease. The common denominator is the non-neutralizing Abs that can bind to the URT and enhance infection, and at the LRT, prevents severe disease. It is a combination of the virus itself and the non-neutralizing Abs that places the virus’s infectiousness under massive pressure.

It is not due to the virus by itself. It is the context of the virus and the non-neutralizing vaccinal Abs that bind but works to facilitate infection. The vaccinal Abs actually provides this attribute to the virus. This seeming infectiousness.

We theorize that this is why with the current omicron sub-variant, there is high infection in the URT and low severity in the LRT by the same variant, at the same time. This is what we have seen. It is not a ‘good’ thing. The lack of severity is potentially short-lived. We argue that selection pressure will overcome this low severity and we could be into a future (shortly) of high infectiousness, but there will no longer be ‘no severity’. We fear if we do not stop the vaccine, that there will be very serious illness coming in vaccinated persons, with selection that causes high severity.

GVB has called for massive population wide anti-viral prophylaxis to reduce the infectious pressure, as one means to reduce variants. I am in full agreement, if the vaccine cannot be stopped. If governments will not stop this failed vaccine, where the data is showing there is no more support for this program. Continued vaccination with these vaccines cannot be demonstrated or supported.

Importantly, I do not function here as your doctor and a decision on the vaccine must be made between you and your physician. Nothing here is to be taken as medical advice from me to you. I am simply sharing information and my understanding.