One graph of EXCESS deaths in Germany 2020, 2021 & 2022; this one graph tells many stories on the insanity across the last 3 years & what the COVID gene injection shot did with deaths post shots

by Paul Alexander

graph shows how closely each COVID shot in Germany (& the graphs in all high vaccinated nations track same) matches accompanying deaths & how in 2022, when virus & vaxx is down, excess deaths are up

We can talk for days on this one graph and I invite you to put on your epidemiological caps and interpret the graph, just say what you see and share with us, we will all learn. Note I did not share the 2020 portion of data yet, it is coming in another stack yet the 2020 data show that excess mortality is not elevated and that observed and expected track similar, point being that while there were deaths in 2020, it was at that time virus linked and deaths due to the lockdowns and how people were being treated in the medical system. I continue to argue that most deaths were due to treatment in health care facilities. Yet set that aside, lets look at 2021 and 2022 when vaccine and boosters were rolled out (remember, shots were rolled out in February or so of 2021).