Only when children die from the vaccines, not 'if', but 'when', that parents & the public will rise up against this vaccine; this vaccine failed day one, I will argue with anyone no evidence it works

by Paul Alexander

Our very own children 'must' die, for the public to then stop the vaccine; it has all been a fraud committed on the US & world & we must hold all to account; the vax never reduced severity of illness

When children mass die from the vaccine as they will, then the vaccine program will stop. Bourla of Pfizer will not stop, so we wait for the children to die from the vaccine and it will stop.

Yet I want to be clear to you, that IMO, there is no condition, none, in which someone should get these COVID vaccines. There is no situation under which a child is to get these COVID vaccines.

I will argue with anyone, any official, that it is natural immunity (innate and acquired-adaptive) and early treatment that has worked; the vaccine has not reduced disease severity (hospitalization and death), its a lie; I see not data to show that the vaccines have worked and the published fraud studies do not adjust for early treatment etc. It is likely that vaccinated persons are i) already COVID recovered and ii) took early treatment.

The vaccine has never ever worked. And a key part of the fraud is to count the 14 days post shot as ‘UNVACCINATED.’ With OMICRON, the vaccinated is boosted repeatedly as the virus is circulating. This repeated boosting places the virus under massive pressure.

Unless we stop the vaccine, we are headed for population/global disaster. MASS vaccination using a non-sterilizing sub-optimal (non-neutralizing) vaccine, in the midst of a pandemic, will only drive natural selection to select the ‘fittest’ variants with a competitive advantage to thrive. The problem we face now is along with increased infectious variants, there could be increased virulence.