Ontario doctor, 27 years old, dies after collapsing during triathlon; she is 5th healthy doctor in Ontario in last 2 weeks to SUDDENLY die; 5 died! 5 doctors & we will NOT mention it MAY be VACCINE!

by Paul Alexander

5 dead! sssshhhh, don't ask that if living in Canada, Trudeau will jail you! It is that insane in Canada now. but sssshhh, we know it could well be the vaccine and likely is, but sssshhhh

So very tragic and makes no sense and the horrible aspect is the silence, the quick reaction by the hospitals etc. to say NOT vaccine.

As I have said before, we hold every single person to account in time. Who played a role in recklessness and caused deaths.

The malfeasant system wants to class these Ontario sudden doctor deaths as Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS). Note, with the move to vaccinate children under 5 years old with these failed and harmful COVID vaccines, you should brace for sudden SIDS escalation (Sudden Infant Death Syndrome) to follow.

They appeared to have died soon as the booster was mandated (expanded eligibility). Seems heart linked, this 27 year old is a real aberrancy…think of it, in that it is near impossible for a 27 year old healthy person, doctor even, to suddenly die, fit athlete…I wrote about this prior and do not forget Dr. Paul Hannam, well-known Toronto emergency physician who died suddenly while running.

Other doctors who died suddenly worked at Trillium Health Partners. 1) Dr. Lorne Segall, aged 49, died on July 17. 2) Dr. Stephen McKenzie passed away on July 18, and 3) Dr. Jakub Sawicki on July 21. 

Our hearts go out to their families. Let us hope they allow autopsies to find the actual cause of death. My money is on ‘no autopsy’ as it may show something we do not wish to be shown.


Ontario doctor, 27, dies after collapsing during triathlon


As reported by the Toronto Sun’s Joe Warmington, hospitals are denying that any of the doctors’ deaths were related to COVID vaccines, though they will not discuss the supposed alternative cause.

Coincidentally, in March, a group of doctors at Trillium Health Partners called on the provincial government to step in and help fix what they referred to as a “toxic culture rooted in harassment, intimidation and threats of loss of privileges, by targeting physicians who dare to question the hospital’s decision making… this has created an environment wherein physicians are afraid to practice medicine.”

3 doctors

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