Original Antigenic Sin (Mortal Antigenic Sin) Model of why vaccinated persons become infected; a biased 'prejudiced' initial vaccine priming/exposure may be at the root of this and they were warned

by Paul Alexander

We warned all those involved, that you never ever MASS vaccinate into a pandemic using a vaccine that does not sterilize the virus and as such cut the chain of transmission; variants will emerge

First of all, let me be clear up front that the pandemic is long over and COVID/Omicron is actually now endemic. I am also explaining the below in a very rudimentary manner and it is our theory, as we seek to make sense of the infection surge landscape post vaccine.

I am going to try explaining this model in a basic manner, with my knowledge gained from Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche and Dr. Dan Stock. This model built by me and informed by the likes of GVB, is based on the Original Antigenic Sin (OAS) phenomenon and the initial priming of the immune system. Here goes:

The OAS (which I argue is more akin to the ‘Mortal antigenic sin’ given there is no opportunity to redress the initial prejudiced priming), in this model, posits that the initial priming or exposure biases or prejudices the immune response to that pathogen potentially life-long. OAS typically was explained via influenza and in our case for COVID, we are trying to understand why there is such massive infection (and transmission) by the vaccinated. Could the elevated infection data in the vaccinated we are seeing in the UK, Israel, Scotland etc. explain this? I argue yes.

If the initial exposure to the antigen, in this case the spike protein, is via vaccine, if the first look your immune system has to the virus/antigen is via vaccine, then the argument is that the immune response will be biased long-term in line with the initial prime/exposure. So if you are vaccinated in the deltoid, the signals the immune system gets tells it to make B-cells and antibodies (Abs) for a systemic (circulation) response. Antibodies are churned out that flood the blood stream.

Now post vaccine, you would have your vaccinal immune response (vaccinal antibodies etc.) and go about daily life. The problem is that the virus is circulating for we have been vaccinating during an ongoing epidemic/pandemic. With such high infectious pressure, you will more than likely be exposed to the virus and virus will land in/on the nasopharyngeal mucosal lining. This is a respiratory pathogen and this is likely what will happen and as such, you now have virus in the nasopharyngeal passage. The tissues of the respiratory tract (mucosae, upper and lower respiratory tract) communicate with the immune system and signals that a response is needed at the local site of infection. Remember, you were already vaccinated and there was the systemic response and antibodies have been produced and are in your blood stream with the aim of preventing dissemination systemically.

Bhakdi raises a serious concern which is that since this was not a nasal type vaccine and the stimulation was needed in the mucosae (a mucosal response to antigen such that antigen should have been introduced to the nasal mucosae to derive the proper immune response where the virus will be initially), then the systemic response (systemic vaccinal Abs) will not hit the mucosae. The antibodies needed (that are in the blood stream) would not be able to hit the mucosal lining/barrier and this must be considered as we try to understand whether these vaccines even worked in the first place.

Thus if your second exposure after your vaccine is via virus landing on the mucosal lining (lets say you were out in the environment and virus entered your nasal passage), then it is the cells underneath the mucosal lining that would have been needed to produce the local Abs to neutralize the virus. These cells would have been stimulated with some form of nasal vaccine that introduced the antigen, and it would produce the Abs response that would push through to the surface of the mucosae and function to neutralize/prevent infection/virus entering the cells etc. If and when there is exposure. This is a very rudimentary explanation from my understanding.

However, you have received vaccine that produced a systemic Ab response. Moreover, that systemic (circulatory) response cannot now get to the mucosal lining. And you are now exposed with virus in the respiratory tract and the response is needed there, in a very localized manner where infection can be cleared out.

The response would be Abs and a cytotoxic cellular response (killer cells) with cells that could not only prevent infection but kill virus infected cells. Again, the initial exposure was via vaccine that yielded a systemic response. And now that you are exposed to the antigen again (via the real live virus), it is likely that your immune system, even after signaled, is biased toward a systemic response again, and not the local respiratory tract response. You need a response in the respiratory tract (nasopharyngeal) while your immune system may be churning out more Abs for the circulation. You need a local response in the respiratory tract and not a system wide response.

Here is the problem we theorize, and it is the only likely explanation that could explain and fit the data we are seeing in UK, Scotland, Israel etc. in terms of infection in the vaccinated. The OAS is at play where the initial prime prejudiced the subsequent responding, and long-term to that pathogen, and in a wrong manner. The biased response is wrong and there is now a limited or even no response at the local site of infection where it is needed. So your immune system ‘learnt’ and has such a sensitive triggering switching mechanism between a local versus systemic response and it could be that we may have biased the immune system long-term, away from any local responding, and toward a systemic one. Each and every time. It may be told/signaled there is infection locally in the respiratory tract, viral, but it is pulled toward a systemic Abs response due to the vaccine’s initial prime.

The result is that you were vaccinated, you did produced systemic Abs, but now exposed locally in the respiratory tract as likely you would be, given the virus is still circulating and highly infectious. The immune system responds in a biased manner and produces systemic Abs again (circulatory IgGs etc.) and not the correct local cytotoxic response (Th 1 pathway). This causes virus to go unchecked and local infection to develop. Your upper and lower respiratory tract would not be served with the proper local immune response and is getting sicker. You are not clearing out infection locally. You are becoming more infected especially with repeated exposure and your are getting sicker. The immune response continues to be a systemic Abs one and it is very likely you are churning out such massive viral loads that you are now transmitting. You are infected and now transmitting due to an OAS prejudiced immune response, an immune response that is now wrong and likely biased long-term to that pathogen as per OAS doctrine.

We think this is the likely explanation (or forms part of one) of these massive infections in vaccinated persons, and of course, with adjustments and refinements to this theory.