Oslo shooting near gay bar investigated as terrorism, as Pride parade is canceled; same thing the wolf did in PULSE nightclub, US; the wolf is here & there; this is wrong, gays are targets of the wolf

by Paul Alexander

always was. The gay community should understand how the wolf sees them, maybe they still do not understand; gay community should ensure they get their firearms, get training, legal, & use it as needed

The gay community must never ever be targeted or attacked or stigmatized. The gay community must go buys guns, store them properly, get licenses, and learn to shoot. Have no mercy on the wolf. Get a gun my gay brothers and sisters. Arm up. Legal.


Oslo shooting near gay bar investigated as terrorism, as Pride parade is canceled

“The suspect, charged with terrorism, is a Norwegian citizen originally from Iran, and was "known to the police," but has only received "minor convictions" up until now, prosecutor Christian Hatlo told reporters in Oslo Saturday.”

Anyone who harms another etc. is the wolf. Does not matter to me where you come from or ethnicity but we do have a wolf problem. After PULSE, the gay community should have armed up legally and got training and learnt how to shoot straight and use deadly force for the wolf abounds. I call on the gay community to arm up, get legal guns, get training, and learn to use deadly force. You were always a target by the wolf. Learn who the wolf is. This is just my advice.

Do not forget the wolf at PULSE:

Terrorist gunman attacks Pulse Nightclub in Orlando, Florida