Our battle to educate and inform, must be on both sides, this is and must not be a republican or democrat issue, NO, never, its about Americans, black, white, any ethnicity, religion, all, all peoples

by Paul Alexander

This is important for we are seeing harms and deaths accumulating post shot and we must ask questions for if it is dangerous, we have to force policy makers to the table to consider the risks

Always we wage for everyone, know this. Do not ever smile when someone else is pained. When someone you do not agree with is pained or dies. Never, this was never about that. We have lives to save, people to informed for their own decision making.

We are losing too many good people, young, all ages and something is wrong with the COVID shot. It is clear.

Gracious mercy always, kindness and compassion, as we wage our battles, legal, civil always. Using courts and ballot box ONLY. We work with law enforcement always. They are not the enemy. Never were.