Our children in Canada, US, UK, elsewhere vaccine injured due to the mRNA technology Pfizer or Moderna gene shots, with SUICIDE ATTEMPTS, permanent disability, hallucinations, self-harm; THIS IS REAL

by Paul Alexander

I have gained a good friend in Dr. William Makis and we are appearing together this month on several stages, what a giant with Dr. Roger Hodkinson; I share this stack by William, over the target!

Listen to me here for a moment, there is no reason, NONE, zero, for any parent today, based on the evidence that has accumulated, and based on the ‘body’ of science, based on anecdotal evidence, to agree to give their healthy child this mRNA technology gene shot that confers no benefit and only causes harms, where their child has a statistical zero chance of severe illness or death.

None! Our children are killing themselves post shot. Something is very wrong!


I re-share his stack for it is deep into enemy territory, exposing the devastation of the fraud shots.

‘“Safe and Effective”? Every parent who is fighting to protect their children from Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines should have cases like this saved in their records and ready to give to their lawyers, to health authorities, or to the Courts.

Below are 16 cases of serious adverse events in children following Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccine, as recorded in the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting system (VAERS).

VAERS 1406268: 13 yo boy (Nebraska)

One day after 1st dose of Pfizer he developed headaches, extreme fatigue, disconnect with reality. He stopped communicating, developed paranoia, began to have self-neglect, not caring for self or doing normal hygiene. Within days had visual and tactile hallucinations, flat affect. Began cutting himself.

VAERS 1507168: 13 yo boy (New Mexico)

8-10 hours after 2nd Pfizer dose he became disengaged in social activity. Following days major loss of appetite and further withdrawal. Complaints of delusions, voices giving him “bad thoughts” and “bad visions”. Voices come as either “monsters” or “a little boy”. When he seems to be battling with these thoughts his eyes tend to go absent and twitches his mouth as if wanting to speak.

VAERS 1513678: 12 yo girl (New Mexico)

Patient reported having suicidal thoughts, hearing voices. Patient started self-harming after 1st dose of Pfizer. After 2nd dose of Pfizer, the self-harm got worse and she became very depressed.

VAERS 1526191: 13 yo girl (Indiana)

Healthy 13 yo girl, headache 11 days after 2nd dose of Pfizer, fainted, had altered mental status and hallucinations. Developed orofacial dyskinesias and choreoathetoid movements (uncontrollable movements).

Couldn’t recognize family members, was intubated with autonomic instability. Was diagnosed with autoimmune encephalitis. Permanently disabled.

VAERS 1673304: 13 yo girl (Virginia)

13 yo girl received 1st Pfizer dose. 3 days later experienced complete personality change. She began having panic attacks, couldn’t leave the house, wouldn’t go outside. She had horrible headaches every day. Overcome by scary thoughts and images. Felt like bugs are everywhere. Anxious and scared of everything that used to be easy for her. Permanently disabled.

VAERS 1826794: 12 yo boy (Foreign)

Day after 2nd dose of Pfizer, developed fever, state of unrest and suddenly acted violently. Taken to hospital in ambulance. Had memory impairment, could not remember his father’s and brother’s names, abnormal behavior and speech, was hospitalized for 3 days.

VAERS 1857960: 13 yo boy (Virginia)

Same day after 1st Pfizer dose, had high fever, extremely elevated anxiety, nonstop worries and fears, irrational thoughts OCD thoughts and behaviours, separation anxiety, lying on couch under a blanket for hours and scared of the entire world, requiring nonstop reassurance, unable to function with virtual school or focus and had to be removed from school for the remainder of the school year, restricted eating and fears to eat , psychosis, inability to complete daily functions, severe sleep disruption and lack of sleep, challenges showering, dressing and bathing selfrepetitive speech, blank stares, dilated pupils,

electric like jolts of pain sensation in his brain and head, crying and emotional, anger outbursts and aggression, tingling in all of his limbs, tics and other neurological symptoms, need for significant medical treatment from three specialists/ doctors including neurology/ immunology/ pediatrician and ER visit and many labs for the last five months plus. Needed to have significant special education support and IEP in place upon return from school and 1:1 case manager and much assistance from staff to function daily.

VAERS 1909455: 7 yo girl (Minnesota)

8 hours after 1st dose of Pfizer, she developed fever, chills, headache. Developed auditory hallucinations which have persisted intermittently since then. Persistent, tension type headaches also persisting.

VAERS 1980939: 11 yo boy (Florida)

On same day after 2nd dose of Pfizer, he developed severe headache, fever, sleepwalked. At one point he believed he was possessed, was hallucinating and wanted to jump out the window.

VAERS 1995385: 9 yo girl (California)

One day after 2nd Pfizer dose, she awoke with auditory hallucinations that repeated multiple times, extreme abdominal pains, threw up 3 times. Dry heaving for 12 hours nonstop.

VAERS 2018697: 9 yo boy (New Jersey)

One day after 1st Pfizer dose, he had a severe headache for 2 days. Could barely speak, not really talking and not really responding. Had hallucinations and Alice in Wonderland Syndrome. Everything looked small. Has not fully recovered.

VAERS 2035795: 7 yo boy (Georgia)

One day after 1st dose of Pfizer, he had fever, started to hallucinate at nightthought his dad wanted to kill him, was screaming, started to vomit. Had more hallucinations following days, saw everything very big and that he could touch the ceiling.

Mood swings from excited and talking fast to talking really slow, slurred speech, photophobia. Mother will not allow another vaccine dose.

VAERS 2043532: 12 yo boy (Washington)

Got 3rd dose of Pfizer, next day he had 5 min episodes of hallucinations in which he says and does things that do not make sense. At 1am woke up, extremely agitated, yelling, screaming, crying, heart racing, started saying he was going to die or needed to die. He is not lucid.

When asked questions he does not make sense or does not know basic information such as his age or birthdate. He walked to the banister from his room on the 2nd story and began climbing over the edge. My husband grabbed him and took him to his bed holding him down and asking him to count to 10. He slowly begins to calm and all of a sudden becomes lucid again and starts making sense. He has no memory if his actions during the hallucinations.

He began having a 2nd hallucination. He enters he hallways and began yelling at his brother as if he was there, but his brother was in his room sleeping. He ran downstairs to my bedroom and started yelling he was going to die. I walked him back upstairs and he told my husband to kill him. When we asked him what he did that day he said he jumped over the edge and jumped off a cliff. He then began answering questions correctly and became lucid again. He had no memory of the episode.

VAERS 2105455: 13 yo boy (Maryland)

After 3rd dose of Pfizer, he developed strong night terrors, hallucinations, sleep walking - started the night of vaccination and has continued every few nights since the shot. Usually lasts about 20 minutes.

VAERS 2163473: 8 yo girl (Virginia)

40 days after 1st Pfizer dose, girl changed mentally. Appears to have seizure but it’s not a seizure. She cannot respond during these episodes and began to see and hear things that aren’t there. Happens over and over, has 5 emergency visits.

A month later she is still undiagnosed and having memory loss, regression, delirium in waves. Unaware of age, year of birth, season, counting 1 to 10. Before 1st Pfizer dose, she had no neurological troubles, she was a straight A student who was bright and happy. She has lost memory and regressed. Woke up a different person who became unable to be touched or consoled. Permanently disabled.

VAERS 2187799: 10 yo boy (New Jersey)

44 days after 1st dose of Pfizer, he starts having what has become an almost daily “episode” that would be described as a panic attack with hallucinations. He becomes very disoriented, stating that images appear and words sound very fast to him. After episode is over, he is able to articulate what he experienced. This is completely out of character for him, he is very social, good student and athlete.

My take…

It is important to remember that only a very small fraction of events like these make it to the VAERS database, so this is only a small sampling of what is happening in the real world. This is not a pharmaceutical product I would call “safe”.

If parents were aware of these kinds of side-effects, and I have not included any cases of “sudden deaths” of children following COVID-19 vaccination in this article, they would probably think twice about proceeding with vaccinating their child with these mRNA products which clearly affect the brain.

Pharmaceutical products with this type of safety profile cannot be put on the childhood vaccination schedule, or be mandated in any form. That is a crime.

The health authorities, doctors and politicians are all fully aware of these harms that are being inflicted on children. They just don’t care.’

COVID Intel - by Dr.William Makis
Children who were injured by Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines - Hallucinations, self-harm, suicide attempts, permanent disability
“Safe and Effective”? Every parent who is fighting to protect their children from Pfizer or Moderna COVID-19 mRNA vaccines should have cases like this saved in their records and ready to give to their lawyers, to health authorities, or to the Courts…
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