Our 'ELDERLY' elderly, those older than 80 PLUS underly conditions are in GRAVE danger this winter, damaged immune system (lockdowns), failed VAXX, facing midazolam, remdesivir, ventilator, morphine

by Paul Alexander

Our 'elderly' elderly are in trouble, I beg you, understand that they are coming out to play now but no protection, their immune system today 2 yrs lockdowns and mild omicron is as February 2020

They are emerging, but weakened, very very vulnerable. I plead with you to think this through as you read this.

They started with a weakened immune system due to advanced age to begin with. It is called immuno-senescence. It is part of life and aging but we decimated it for them with the lockdowns.

It is the elderly WITH medical conditions we must be concerned for now and the only solution is to cut the chain of transmission yet the vaccine fails to do this and so they have waited for a failed shot. That is the key rate limiting step here. Yet in the waiting our governments mandated, under threat of law and punishment, we destroyed their immune systems that was already weak. They have NOTHING to defend with, and the only way now is to stop the vaccine so that the vaccinated will stop spreading this infectious omicron clade, and in that way we can reduce the infectious pressure. It is the vaccinated that is maintaining this massive infectious pressure.

Is a bubble the answer for our ‘elderly’ elderly and all of a sudden let them lose and expect them not to fall to even common colds?

We have failed to recognize the complex interplay between the virus and the host’s immune system response at a population level, both reacting to the other, both evolving. The non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies is giving the virus a property it did not have before, namely high infectiousness, the vaccinee getting infected, spreading, getting sick too and some dying due to the vaccine. This is catastrophic. Yet the vaccinated person is placing the rest of society and namely here our ‘elderly’ elderly, at risk keeping the pathogen circulating.

Remember, the infectious variants will keep coming for 100 years if we continue using a non-neutralizing vaccine that does not stop infection. We are pressuring the spike antigen and Darwinian natural selection pressure is and will select for more infectious and more virulent variants. It is bound to happen, it is happening.

Moreover, when our ‘elderly’ elderly get hit, they are them COVIDized and medicalized in hospital with midazolam, remdesivir, ventilator, morphine. A death path, a disaster. ‘NO WAY out’.

We need to up the prophylaxis program (McCullough and Zelenko, Marik), we need to use nasal-oral wash POVIDONE iodine 10% or hydrogen peroxide DILUTED AND NO SWALLOW, to kill the virus in the gumline and back of the throat or nostril mucosae and passage.

We got to understand now that our elderly elderly have nothing, nothing to emerge with, no defense, so a rabbit in a pack of wolves even with mild OMICRON. Mild omicron to their immune system today is like lethal legacy Wuhan strain February 2020. They have no chance for the vax fails, their immunity is flat and the vaccine is maintaining infectious pressure. I say guard them more, UNTIL. This ain’t over for them, for you maybe, not them. The lockdown lunacy did this to them, between Fauci and Birx lockdown madness and the criminality of the vaccine developers Pfizer and Moderna, Bourla and Bancel and the ring leader Francis Collins, many of our ‘elderly’ elderly will potentially die this winter.

Guard your ‘elderly elderly and we will continue fighting to get this fraud vaccine ended. Help us, help me with your advocacy and sharing.

Vitamin D3 daily, proper dosing, proper hydration, proper ventilation etc. Common sense and try to spend as much time with them. Each day is precious now with what this lockdown lunacy did to them and a failed vaccine.