OUTRAGED’s Newsletter; Outraged asks & I think a fair question when you look at the taxpayer money Malone said he got, 'WHY IS HE HIDING HIS EXPERTISE AND AFFILATIONS? He may have a good reason.'

by Paul Alexander

This is a good question that Malone should answer since taxpayer helped buy his horses and ranch? I invite him to talk to me anytime to address OUTRAGED question; we are colleagues, does not limit me

What is the reason?

I am a researcher and know full well how these things work. Most of the research awards are not for the work itself. These types of awards (if true as Malone states them) should come with some explanation for do not look usual. As tax payers who own the money really, anyone should have to answer to the tax payer. It is and was never his money, it belongs to you the taxpayer and we should ask questions given his role in mRNA technology (as he said) that today has devastated the world. This is not a secret unless you wish to pretend, all that money bought you the mRNA technology he said he invented that is today harming and killing you. In case you did not yet figure that out. I like you, want answers. That is all. No one, if he is the inventor, is better positioned to tell us how it works and how to stop it, to answer all the questions that have gone unanswered. Yet we have gotten nothing but horses and farms and trips and the like and now speeches. The reporters who interview him do not ever ask the questions. It is incredible and they have lost serious credibility. They know who they are and act now as if they are bought out. I am surprised.

I think Outraged is right and questions must be asked and I still need answers on why he threatened the co-founder of mRNA Dr. Kariko. If as she reported in Atlantic magazine. She is even on record saying he is basically being fraudulent, over sells himself as to his role in mRNA technology for the vaccine, and that many others invented it. I do not know if she is right, do you? So we wish to know. See my prior stack of her interview. And she worked with him directly. I simply want this cleared up as to if she is lying or not. I simply want questions answered. Lots I and we do not know and we simply want answers and the responses to Outraged (comments) shows you the public is not fooled. As an investigative reporter scientist, I want answers. Not attacks, answers.

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OUTRAGED’s Newsletter
WHY IS HE HIDING HIS EXPERTISE AND AFFILATIONS? He may have a good reason. https://www.defense.gov/News/Contracts/Contract/Article/612903/ Vaccine Co. LLC, Frederick, Maryland (W81XWH-15-D-0037); PPD Development LP, Wilmington, North Carolina (W81XWH-15-D-0038); Leidos Inc., Reston, Virginia (W81XWH-15-D-0039); and Tasc Inc. [ENGILITY CORPORATION], Andove…
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