OWS ruined the world: Shanghai, last night, people locked in their apartments & homes & cannot go out, committing suicide, screaming to get out; this video is authentic; this is China, coming to USA

by Paul Alexander

So the LOCKDOWN lunatics are at it again; they in China, locked their place down and gone Aussie psycho to scare you, that a new bad variant is coming; its all bull s**t; like Philadelphia

China’s lockdown is to cause the US to lockdown. There is no need. They did it before and are doing it again, in time for the midterms, to shape them. To impact the outcome. Philadelphia is first to bite it seems.

Yes, I said it, Operation Warp Speed (OWS) ruined the world in tandem with CEO Bourla of Pfizer and Bancel of Moderna, two people I think must be investigated as to every aspect of their vaccine development for it is clear it has failed and one can even argue the initial FDA granted EUA COVID data (submitted by vaccine companies) was fraudulent…OWS has destroyed many of our basic structures, our way of life, humanity….everything for it has allowed malfeasance at an unprecedented scale to permeate for a vaccine that is ineffective and unsafe and was NEVER ever needed.

The state of emergency ANYWHERE is not justified now, and this reaction by China is illogical and absurd, makes no sense and this ZERO-COVID policy is failed and will fail again for all it does is delays the inevitable and causes the pandemic to strengthen, and I argue this China reaction is devised to scare the US population into lockdown to impact the coming midterm elections, as crazy as that may sound.

Of course if you shut people in complete, with welding their doors etc., of course if you impose military martial law, and people cannot even step outside their door, then of course you can slow and even stop spread of anything. But with that, you i) destroy your economy ii) you destroy people’s lives iii) there is nothing to emerge to iv) you prevent the healthy and well from being infected naturally and harmlessly and thus from inching closer to population level herd immunity (you deny it) v) you place the virus under selection pressure that drives an evolutionary adaptive response (any pressure causes the pathogen to adjust) so that it can survive for when you re-emerge; all it does is lays in wait.

I and others have always stated, you can never ever lockdown your way out of this or close schools or businesses nor vaccinate your way out of this. What we needed was an age-risk stratified approach, yes, a response based on focusing on risk, where we strongly protect the vulnerable (focus on elderly and those with risk e.g. obese etc. or younger with risk factors) and allow the rest of healthy society to live normal lives. NEVER ever this lockdown lunacy ZERO-COVID. With all Communist China, Shanghai has done thus far, nothing has worked, as infections etc. continue to rise. Again, I fear its coming to America.

I never wanted to go this route and fought this but these actions cannot be justified by fears of a hypothetical recurrence of some more severe infection or variant at some unknown point in the future. I and others like Kulldorff, Bhattacharya, Atlas etc. have been silenced, attacked, cancelled etc. I was even forced to resign from the Trump administration due to my questioning of Fauci and NIH ineptness and danger. Because we dared to question and we pushed back for we saw the harms of the lockdowns and wanted to warn policy makers and the public.

We cannot live life in this fear, this is insane in and of itself. The lunacy of Shanghai is beyond words. But I fear coming to the USA. Why? Because of a new variant? If such a severe new variant were to occur – and it seems unlikely from omicron – infectious but not lethal, then that would be the time to discuss a declaration of emergency and measures. Discuss, NOT impose. No doubt if we ever dealt with a severely mortal virus with a 10% mortality etc. then thats a different discussion than this virus that remains, from day 1, to have an IFR of 0.05% for those 70 years and below. Lets face it, we were lied to in devastating ways on asymptomatic transmission, PCR test, natural immunity, equal risk of severe outcomes, no early treatment etc. All lies! All of it. To force the vaccine that is and was ineffective and harmful. They knew, all involved in OWS knew. This OWS was and is a catastrophic mess. Cannot be defended.

This op-ed by Waugh, AIER:



‘Shanghai, the financial capital of China with a population of 25 million people, currently faces its third week of steep increases in cases of COVID-19.

In response, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) implemented harsh COVID-19 restrictions in Shanghai, sending an army of healthcare workers to enforce them. Citizens cannot leave their homes. They can only receive medical care upon presenting a negative COVID test. Healthcare workers are forcing COVID-positive individuals into quarantine camps and stripping children from their parents. Government officials are even executing pets in the street when the pet owners test positive for COVID. People are running out of food, screaming from their windows, and jumping out of buildings in protest.

These measures follow the CCP’s “zero COVID” pandemic policies. These policies use extensive government intervention to “control” the coronavirus, disregarding all costs. During the past two years, the strategy gained admirers throughout the Western world, including Australia and New Zealand, each implementing similar zero COVID policies.

Zero COVID is a failed strategy. Data does not support it. Lockdowns, mass quarantines, strict border closures, and other policies do not stop COVID. New Zealand and China are experiencing increases in COVID cases. The societal and economic carnage severely outweighs any potential benefits of Zero-COVID policies.’…..