Paging Justice Sotomayor, let me tell you two things 1) what you said is flat wrong and you aid in the falsehoods and lies to deceive the nation on vaccines 2) VENTILATORS killed people, not helped

by Paul Alexander

POTUS Trump on ventilators was sold a lie, and he as a non-scientist, gobbled it up like the deceit he was sold on lockdowns, school closures & mask mandates being effective; ventilators KILLED!

Sotomayor said para “We have hospitals that are almost at full capacity with people severely ill on ventilators. We have over 100,000 children, which we’ve never had before, in serious condition, many on ventilators.”

The Supremes also claimed directly or indirectly that the vaccines prevent transmission. Where in good heavens did these people get this? Show me the data? That they could say this in such a bold-faced manner. In fact, these injections are non-sterilizing, they do not stop infection or transmission. The latter is the core reason why mandates are nonsensical. There is no societal benefit. It does not work. That OMI is as lethal as Delta? And 100,000 children are in hospital with COVID and on ventilators. What pure lies! We even had the king of flip flops and scientific drivel and lies Fauci himself say that most children in hospital with so called COVID, are over counted. Not ‘due’ to COVID. I am still pinching myself for I may have died and I did not realize it. On my way to heaven. I am going to heaven, though after a couple of stops to explain some things, but I WILL get there.

And I know it is the establishment fed them this horsesh*t. I do think they know better also. That the hospitals are flooded. My god, I am really surprised they are either that incompetent or so easily corrupted.

What utter garbage from a Supreme Court justice (s) and the idiocy and junk they spewed was breath taking. I was stunned how inept they are on this COVID issue and they are presiding on what may go down as one of the most consequential SCOTUS decisions in history, on par with Roe V Wade. It will decide if I and you can ever hold a job again that demands these vaccines etc. It is far reaching and we had these justices come up in there so ill informed and nonsensical it was staggering. It is demoralizing. I think they have to rule against…as stupid as many of them sounded, they know that their credibility will be shot if they went along with this. They will harm the SCOTUS so I am hoping I am right. I think a 5 to 4 and maybe even 6 to 3 decision will come. Has to! I have no faith in the court anymore for it showed how corrupted and biased it is under Trump with some of the craziest rulings one could have thought was even possible. It sat aside and even ruled incomprehensibly when our liberties and rights etc. were being trampled.

See this beautiful brilliant piece by Jeff Tucker:

But I have to turn to the key issue at hand and this is the ventilator for she raised it…in her misinformation and deceit, or maybe just stupidity, she has brought to the floor something whispered about and not discussed, out of fear, and I will table it and ask you to share it for it is factual and I will debate anyone on it as there is clear evidence:

POTUS Trump tried anything they told him could and would work. He championed the ventilator. Truth is, the ventilator killed thousands and Cuomo was right on that. Yes, NY governor Cuomo was correct when he said he could not understand how so many were dying from it. I disdain his politics and behavior but I know many in politics are same, even pedophiles, hidden, but gross people, and I am someone who wants to stay on the side of honesty. UNLESS you ask me about the mangoes I and some friends stoned off of the Archbishop house’s mango tree in the islands when I was a young boy.

Again, POTUS Trump brought the ventilators with advice and guidance by his COVID Task Force advisors. Like the lockdowns, the ventilators caused crushing harm and he did not know the science. No one bothered to tell him, as I am convinced he would have said NO. They lied to him like how they lied about everything, the lockdowns, the masks, the school closures being beneficial, the PCR test, equal risk if we are all exposed and that an age-risk stratified approach was not needed, asymptomatic transmission being real, recurrent infection, natural immunity being inferior etc. All were lies. They were liars. Not noble lies, not ‘tiny’ lies, these were not teensy weensy ‘Poly-anna pretty in pink’ ones, these were dangerous catastrophic lies with devastating consequences. Fauci and Birx model and lockdown lies killed people, killed Americans. The ventilators did not help, they killed. Thousands died on the ventilators. They were not needed as the lung was destroyed by them and we hurt people with them. The ventilators have high pressure, were not calibrated properly, persons using were not trained on them, and which then causes barotrauma, it causes trauma to the lungs. Or were they very severe to begin with and would have died all the same? Again, we need the data so as to be definitive in policy.

I and others argued early on that a ‘softer’ and ‘gentler’ oxygenation was needed so as to save the lungs as you brought the patient time to recover. To study the ventilation push as the data was coming in to say it was harmful. Some even argued to allow the patient in a hypercapnic state as long as they could go.

There is even the area/zone of ‘happy hypoxia’.

“But the ventilator also marks a crisis point in a patient's COVID-19 course, and questions are now being raised as to whether the machines can cause harm, too. Many who go on a ventilator die, and those who survive likely will face ongoing breathing problems caused by either the machine or the damage done by the virus.”

We will talk more about this but I will table some stuff for you to glean over and I will ‘circle back Psaki’ to you on this. Yes, we have to distinguish whether in the initial stages of the pandemic and use now. We need the updated data. Maybe it may come down to inappropriate use, yet many have argued that it was the wrong type of intervention needed. That the lungs were so inflamed and in trauma that the vent damaged the lungs further. At times mortally: