'PANDA WHO review', Abir Ballan published a recent strong thesis titled "THE WHO REVIEW AND WHY IT MATTERS TO YOU"; I feel worth the read, lot's of good evidence, Ballan is stellar, bright, robust!

by Paul Alexander

It shows the failures of WHO and all their failed recommendations in COVID & actually shows the dramatic failures of CDC & NIH & incompetents like FAUCI & Birx & Jha & Walensky & Hahn & Task Force

This PANDA document and piece by Ballan actually is a treatise against CDC and NIH of the US for it failed in every regard alike the WHO, as well as the US Task Force.

If you are interested in public health and what the WHO did to damage the COVID response and mislead the US and it’s government (some say Fauci et al. conspired with WHO to implement the fraud), then you must look over this seminal piece by Ballan.

The reality is that WHO and even the US’s CDC failed every one of the 10 listed principles below. All! Not even close! This was an emergency and yes, societies function optimally if they uphold long-standing principles and ethical values that were developed and tested and bullet-proofed across time. Tried and tested. These public health principles (see 10 below) were not applied to the COVID emergency response. I do not say ‘pandemic’ as it was no pandemic.



Here are the positions held by the WHO in 2019, and what did we see? Not even the WHO follow it’s own guidance. Global nations did same, they all failed!

Nothing was recommended in a pandemic except isolation of sick, unwell persons. Nothing else!

Two of the greatest lies emanating from WHO early in 2020 to scare the world into lockdown. Both were pure lies, as we knew the opposite was true: