Pandemic Amnesty is Pandemic Amnesia; There must be a reckoning for pandemic tyranny; Gummi Bear; there must be NO amnesty, none; we want serious investigations and accountability of all involved

by Paul Alexander

Professor Oster is smart, bright intellect, but is way out to lunch on this request; what was done to USA and global societies was monstrous and we thus must investigate and be prepared to JAIL people

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Pandemic Amnesty is Pandemic Amnesia
“Let’s Declare a Pandemic Amnesty” COVID Twitter exploded yesterday with the release of a new article by Professor Emily Oster calling for a “Pandemic Amnesty” for the people who got the pandemic response so wrong…
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I appreciate this piece and thus share for your consideration.

Amnesty for this Teacher Union corrupted malfeasant? She is and was, and her actions caused deaths of thousands of children. She knows it, they at CDC that colluded with her know it. Go ask Rochelle.

And it was a disaster…they just created greater hardship for millions of people as well as a host of second order events which we’re seeing today in terms of health, mental health, excess mortality, inflation, the economy, education of children, etc.’