Pandemic waves in COVID we are seeing now in highly VACCINATED nations are very TROUBLING showing 4 crucial attributes that indicate a huge problem; a high level of transmission in the population

by Paul Alexander

The pandemic can be argued as still in full fledge due to the VACCINE; would have been over (endemic) but vaccine non-neutralizing Antibodies putting pressure on the spike are driving variants

We are seeing 4 troubling developments in the waves:

1)the intervals between waves are shorter, so waves are more frequent

2)the peaks are high

3)subsequent peaks are higher than prior peaks shorter

4)the downward slope is not coming back to baseline (where we would have seen herd immunity and the wave would be over); we are seeing plateauing on the downward side higher than earlier baseline and then a new wave

This indicates that there is a high level of transmission and infectiousness remaining in the population after a wave and really suggests that the pandemic is NOT being allowed to petter out and BE OVER. This is due to the sub-optimal immune pressure being placed on the spike by the non-sterilizing vaccine, non-neutralizing antibodies that provoke tremendous selection pressure and the emergence of infectious variants. We are afraid that there is the potential for not only an infectious variant, but a more lethal one to emerge.