Parents are pulling back on COVID-19 vaccines in children under 5 years of age, thank GOD & hopefully this stays same and they balk completely! Parents MUST say NO, under NO condition for healthy kids

by Paul Alexander

Natural killer cells (NK) of innate immune system is the rate limiting step, critical component of innate immune system in young children can be subverted by the COVID injections; the outcome DEATH!

Mass vaccination roll-outs employing a sub-optimal vaccine (such as the COVID vaccines) and then injecting across all age groups, and into a pandemic with massive infectious pressure (circulating virus) and a highly mutable and highly infectious respiratory virus can only result in selection pressure and the selection of infectious variant after infectious variant, that are resistant to the vaccinal antibodies and as such will be viral immune escape. The mass vaccination will only cause this pandemic to keep going for 100 more years and the sub-optimal non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies are subverting, outcompeting the innate antibodies from binding to the live virus (virus that is circulating) and as such, not being trained. If they are not trained and instructed in childhood, they cannot educate the innate immune system potent effector cells such as the natural killer (NK) cells whose job is to clear out virus, foreign compounds, and to learn how to differentiate self from non-self of the child. If the NK cells cannot attain their functional capacity, then children will be at risk for auto-immune disease up to death.

Thus parents are giving their child a gift to resist these COVID injections. They must stave this off for the innate immune system of children must be allowed to train in the prescribed window of opportunity.

  • ‘As of July 20, approximately 544,000 children under the age of 5 had received at least one COVID-19 vaccine dose. This represents 2.8% of the approximately 19 million children in this age group. At a similar point in their vaccine roll-out, more than 5.3 million children ages 5-11 (18.5% of 5-11 year-olds) had received their first dose. (See Figure 1).


COVID-19 Vaccination Rates Among Children Under 5 Have Peaked and Are Decreasing Just Weeks Into Their Eligibility