Parents, these freak sick 'woke' 'tolerant' parents should be stripped of parenhood rights and thrown in prison! To take your child to watch these MEN (wanna be women) with balls & penises swing

by Paul Alexander

off of poles & you think this is right? You sikc freaks, you dangerous reckless people! Don't you understand you are screwing with Johnny's mind as he is barraged with TRANSGENDER filth

See video:

We have jihadists studying ways to kill us in the west, in the US, we have Fentanyl pouring across the border killing Americans, we have crime out of control on streets, we have WW III on the brink, we have islamists coming in the Southern border, out of control cost of living, ongoing attacks by government officials on our police and attacks by radical groups such as BLM, the destroyed abysmal education system, the deplorable healthcare system and insurance disaster, the destruction of the American ‘culture’, the ongoing threat of the radical antifa thugs, and we have the ravages of the fraud COVID pandemic that will take decades to emerge from (if ever) (lockdown lunacy and vaccine that has killed many innocent people) yet the US Biden government is hyper-focused on transgender?