Patone et al.: I wrote prior on the Risk of myocarditis following sequential COVID-19 vaccinations by age and sex; I repost the key issue for you to consider with these vaccines when male< 40 yrs old

by Paul Alexander

DON'T focus on the whole paper, go straight to Table 1 for it is the key aspect and pay attention to risk estimates columns per vaccine e.g. Pfizer or Moderna; focus on the < 40 years old subheading

I wrote on this paper prior but I wanted to remind you given the push by the vaccine companies to put a jab into the arms of all our young persons and children.

This Patone study tells you all you need to know and why this is so very dangerous for persons <40 and especially College/University aged persons especially males

A limitation is they did not break it out by under 25 and so 15 to 25 years old or so for we argue this is where we are seeing lots of risk…this is where serious risk has been found, in our young males.

The Moderna CEO Bancel calling for a 4th shot to me is dangerous and has no medical basis, it is absurd and not indicated given the mild nature of Omicron acting as a natural vaccine, the vaccine having side effects and risk of myocarditis, and males under 40 who are healthy do not need this vaccine; the vaccines have also shown themselves to be ineffective needing constant boosting so why would you take this risk as a young male under 40? I say NO, absolutely not, do not take these vaccines if < 40 and healthy…run far away from these…

Focus this on the Table 1 for males < 40 and what do you see?

You see:

The British study showed a baseline risk of 0.59, that went to 1.66 (1.14 to 2.41 95% CI) after 1st shot, then to 3.41 after the second shot, and to 7.61 after the 3rd shot…so in effect we see a dose response that is not good, risk doubling after the 2nd and tripling after the 3rd shot. Significantly greater than baseline risk.

For the Moderna vaccine, we see even greater risk, with 8 times greater risk after the 2nd dose (16.52 vs 2.34 IRR).

It is important to keep in mind that the Moderna vaccine is 100 micrograms per shot vs 30 for Pfizer. Some argue that it is the heavier dose of Moderna that can explain the greater risk e.g. greater load of LNP, and thus mRNA, and thus spike protein being produced in the vaccinee’s cells. There may well be credibility to this.

Take this Patone et al. Table 1 as a warning.

Run far away from Moderna’s Bancel calling for a 4th shot…