"Pelosi says members urging her to consider House leadership again"; that's code for para the steal is in, let it bake in a bit more for the public then we announce the remaining seats; IN YOUR FACE!

by Paul Alexander

These democrats are real experts at this stealing elections game and they know the opponent is the spineless weakling waste of time 'country club' republicans who are in on it too IMO


Pelosi says members urging her to consider House leadership again

“They've been measuring for draperies. They've been putting forth an agenda. They haven't won it yet," Pelosi said Sunday.”

I admire the fight and fire in this lady, beats the repubs any day. I detest leftist liberal radical thinking and policies, as very destructive and anti-American and are running America into the ground. But you got to hand it to them, they know ‘how to win’.

She went from not running or the like to this for ‘they got this’. It is really incredible what the electoral process in the US has become, a laughing stock of the world.

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Republicans will lose the HOUSE, congress, as incredible as what I just wrote is, sit back, watch the steal IN YOUR FACE; democrats & RINOs & deepstate 'conditioned you', you will accept, ALREADY did
You already accept the loss, you just do not know it yet. Your primitive brain already processed it. The delay in counting is to get the bags of votes to get ‘over the top’. Had the democrats been leading etc. in those house races, would be called 4 days ago. This is all to orchestrate the steal. It is perverse and outrageous how these rotten people ope…
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