Pennsylvania's Barnette described it best: “MAGA does not belong to President Trump...Our values never, never shifted to President Trump’s values. It was President Trump who shifted and...

by Paul Alexander

aligned with our values.” Key quotes we have to pay attention to, regardless of the writer for in it, there are clues of MAGA now and the future and I like it for it is honest, raw...for the best

“Mr. Trump increasingly appears to be chasing his supporters as much as marshaling them.”

“The so-called MAGA movement is a bottom-up movement,” he told them, “not one to be dictated from the top down.”

“Something is changing among Trump supporters. It’s a kind of psychological moving forward that is not quite a break, not an abandonment but an acknowledgment of a new era. In Florida recently, talking with Trump supporters, what I picked up is a new distance. They won’t tell pollsters, they may not even tell neighbors, but there was a real sense of: We need Trump’s policies, but we don’t need him. They expressed affection for him, and when not defensive about him they were protective. But as a major backer and donor told me, it’s time to think of the future. Mr. Trump brings “chaos.”

“They don’t want him to run again. If he does, they’ll vote for him against a Democrat. But as one said, wouldn’t it be good to have someone like Ron DeSantis?”

“The Republican Party “is surprisingly good at building a multi-faith and multi-racial coalition,” Mr. Mounk tweeted. Democrats had best take note.”


Donald Trump and His Elusive Base

Something is shifting. Many who backed him don’t follow his lead or want him to run in 2024.