'Pentagon removes Covid-19 vaccine requirement for troops'; excellent move but the problem is there are hundreds of thousands of men & women in service injected & thousands are vaccine injured!

by Paul Alexander

How do you separate injured from un-injured? How do you tell someone who took it under threat of law, of being kicked out of the military, not earning income etc., that now you & unvaxxed are same???

Thank you Darth!

Is there going to be backpay? Would soldiers who were kicked out be made ‘whole’? How? What do you tell soldiers who were COVID recovered, did not want it for religious purposes etc. that now it does not make a difference? Yet they took it under duress and force of reprimand etc. How do you make them whole? What do you tell their families if and when they die for there will be soldiers alike police, who will die in time from this gene shot. Seemingly healthy people.