People walk up to McCullough, Hodkinson, Makis, myself etc. after each stage appearance or interview & & ask "how do I get this damn spike out of me, I had virus or I took the damn shot"; that is the

by Paul Alexander

only ask repeatedly as well as 'jail them all'! The only formula or product we know of (definitely NO MORE SHOTS) is the spike detoxifying dissolving support formula from The Wellness Company (TWC)

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TWC’s revolutionary Spike Support Formula is the only product that contains Nattokinase and dandelion root, researched to block and dissolve spike proteins inside your body.

You may consider getting the daily Spike Support and protecting you and your family against the effects of COVID, vaccines, and shedding.


Spike Support Formula contains all natural, non-GMO, scientifically-supported ingredients:

Nattokinase has been researched to dissolve spike proteins and blood clots. Plus, it's soy-free.

Dandelion root may prevent spike protein from binding to your cells.

Selenium to help reduce stress, aiding in helping the body repair itself and recover.

Black sativa extract may facilitate cellular repair.

Green tea extract provides added defenses at the cellular level through scavenging for free radicals.

Irish sea moss is mineral-rich and could help rebuild damaged tissue and muscle.

See link to product here:

Dr. Peter McCullough’s presentation here is riveting and really links the Spike Recovery with NATTOKINASE as a possible support solution to handle the ravages of the spike protein: