Pete, subscriber of my substack, wrote his view on why British Columbia & CDC & other agencies removing COVID data from public view, even UK & Scotland, why it is so very wrong; deserves SHOWCASING!

by Paul Alexander

Thank you Pete whomever you are, this is so well stated, I had to put it here, give you credit, I wish I knew your full name etc. for this is very important! I have shared it here as you wrote it!

‘Removing data describing the gravest medical crisis in known history has some consequences:

1. It obliterates the so-called post-marketing surveillance, which was one of the pledges of warp-speed manufacturers ("we don't know how it works, but we will watch and report the reactions IN FULL TRANSPARENCY") - which effectively cancels the whole C program (notwithstanding penal consequences)

2. It deprives doctors of real-life, actual data on how the population reacts to the "pathogen" that was the "legitimate" reason to lock down the whole world for 2+ years (and going). Which means that we will not know what happens, how it happens, to whom it happens and - crucial - why it happens.

3. It removes the possibility to analyse geographically-specific data and population-specific data. Which means that we will have no idea whether this "disease" exists, and if exists, how serious it is, whether it is spreading (if at all) and through what population groups or under what circumstances. And - lat but not least - we will not know whether it is going away, and under what circumstances. Which means that - in view of the absence of any reliable detection and validation of the "disease" that has not been defined so far - lockdowns now may be permanent "because TG said so". No scientific reasons necessary. Ethics and morality, forget. Liability is already long gone.

4. It cancels the possibility of looking for any other/new/alternative remedies - because without current/reference/historical data, we will be completely blind.

5. All in all, this small step is another huge jump in the history of breakthrough medicine - it is a clear sign that we do not need to record, compare and analyse ANY medical data whatsoever.

6. The straightforward consequence is that we do not need doctors any more - because without real-life data they have no idea what is going on. Why spend millions $ on doctors who cannot treat, because they have no legitimate context to even talk about treatments?

7. All this combines nicely with abolition of clinical trials.

What is left is: "scientists" (no contact with real life) + researchers (ditto) + authorities (ditto) + sponsors (ditto) + manufacturers (ditto) + victims of medical experiments without any supervision.

The adventure has just begun.’