"Pfizer CEO Bourla predicts 'constant waves' of COVID-19 because of complacency around the coronavirus and the politicization of the pandemic"; what utter bullshit Bourla speaks, horseshit!

by Paul Alexander

This loser, this bullshit con artist Bourla says its 'complacency', its 'politicization', its anti-vaxxers like Kennedy, McCullough, Vanden Bossche, Alexander etc. NO, its the mRNA has failed!

Bourla the snake oil salesman! Horseshit garbage Bourla, you are talking horseshit drivel and you know it. You know that the waves are caused by your failed vaccine!

This idiot Bourla, this duplicitous conman, he called us ‘criminals’ prior, for questioning the fraud vaccines that are ineffective and harmful. He called us skeptics and contrarians ‘criminals’ but it is he who is the criminal because it is his vaccine that is killing people after they take it. It is his vaccine that is causing infections in the vaccinated. It is his vaccine that will damage and subvert the innate immune systems of children and leave them defenseless.

The 4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse are Fauci, Bourla, Francis Collins, and Bancel.

He Bourla, claims its complacency, its politics, its anti-vaxxers, its the skeptics like myself and Vanden Bossche and Kennedy and McCullough etc. around the mRNA vaccine that is driving the waves. What a moron and liar! He knows it is because the damn vaccine has failed. IT DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your fraud vaccine does not work and it is the fraud vaccines that are causing the waves for infections will never stop. See Portugal today, one of the most vaccinated nations:

The sub-optimal immune pressure by his fraud vaccinal antibodies is driving infectious variant after infectious variant. The vaccine is non-sterilizing and does not stop infection or transmission. It does not sterilize the virus and thus there will never ever be herd immunity with these. The mRNA vaccine has failed, ineffective and unsafe and their fraud anti-viral drug Paxlovid is causing relapse COVID. All they have done has failed!

The mRNA platform never worked in the animal model or respiratory viruses. Bourla knows if these fake vaccines continue, then the pandemic will continue for 100 more years. He know exactly what they are doing, this is behaving like a slow kill bioweapon.


Bourla Pfizer

  • ‘Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla warned Wednesday of "constant waves" of COVID-19.

  • He pointed to complacency around the virus, politicization of the pandemic, and waning immunity.

  • Cases are rising in the US, and the rate at which people are getting vaccinated is falling.’


“The world is likely to suffer from "constant waves" of COVID-19, the CEO of Pfizer said Wednesday.

Albert Bourla pointed to complacency around the virus, the politicization of the pandemic, and diminishing immunity from vaccines and prior infections, the Financial Times reported.”


Klaus Schwab, Pfizer CEO Trash ‘Conspiracy People’ At World Health Assembly: ‘There Is A Very Fanatic Group Of Anti-Vaxxers That Will Go After Us No Matter What’

Bottom line:

You can only control the pandemic by cutting the chain of transmission. This is the only way to get to herd immunity. This is what we call ‘sterilizing’ immunity with neutralizing vaccinal antibodies (if a vaccine is used) that could bind to the antigen, in this case the spike protein. You can get sterilizing immunity via natural exposure. The natural innate immune system and natural acquired-adaptive immune system can sterilize/eliminate the pathogen. A functional one. If sterilization happens, then we can arrive at population-level herd immunity. These COVID vaccines especially the mRNA Pfizer and Moderna are catastrophic failures and Bourla knows this, actually causing infection in the vaccinated person (and severe illness and death). These mRNA vaccines also subvert our innate and acquired immune systems, with the induced high affinity vaccinal antibodies (Abs) outcompeting and blocking the poly-specific low-affinity innate antibodies from binding and sterilizing the virus, and the acquired vaccinal Abs being essentially worthless. There will be viral immune evasion/escape.

The sub-optimal immune pressure against the infectious pressure will and is driving selection pressure to select for fitter variants that could overcome this sub-optimal immune pressure. Variant after variant will thus emerge every few months. We have underestimated the evolutionary capacity of the virus to adjust and evolve to the immune pressure. We have failed to recognize the sophisticated viral-host ecosystem and the virus that is responding to the complex interplay and the potent role of the non-neutralizing antibodies in driving infectious variant after variant and a potentially lethal one to emerge. Sub-optimal immune pressure, elevated infectious pressure, non-neutralizing vaccinal antibodies, and the direct pressure on the infectiousness of the virus (the spike’s RBD) must be considered in its complex interplay.

We have disregarded the importance of the natural innate immunity (a very potent sterilizing immunity in children that they bring to the table/battlefield that helps a population get to herd immunity) in children as our most potent soldier on the immunological battlefield in getting to herd immunity. Vaccinating healthy children with these sub-optimal vaccines would be a disaster. We can never ever (100%) get to herd immunity with these vaccines. They are worthless junk, dangerous, ineffective, harmful and all involved know it. They know that all they need to do to keep this pandemic going, is to keep vaccinating with these vaccines.

Some food for thought showing that all lockdown lunacy failed! All of it. Sweden who did none of what other European nations did, see how it feared.