Pfizer (CEO Bourla) used this table to FDA to get approval for the fraud COVID injection this last weeks, this table; a total across the trial of 10 COVID cases, split 7 placebo and 3 in vaccine arm

by Paul Alexander

Pfizer used the fraud data in these 3 rows to get FDA approval & that FDA would take this garbage data, such small events, small numbers, is scientific fraud! approx 80, 82, & 75% VE; look at 95% CIs

I warn again, many thousands of children, healthy children, will die due to these COVID injections.

Look at the 95% confidence intervals 2nd and 3rd rows, they cross ‘0’, that is the line of no effect…it is junk, does not work. When the 95% CIs cross zero, there is no significant effect. And look at the negative efficacy, as low as -370.1 (3rd row)…extensive negative efficacy and this is a junk piece of research. Should have been thrown out due to the small events. This data IMO from a purist point of view cannot be interpreted, it is meaningless. Key is from 4,500 kids they start with, they used just a couple hundred for this analysis and even boiled it down more to a very small set of children post dose 3.

They threw out major data to find and tease out a result. All of the data that was bad, they threw out for the 1st and 2nd shot. They decided to look ONLY at the 3rd shot and disregarded the devastating effects after shots 1 and 2. As if it does not exist. Do you understand that insanity? It’s as crazy as the 9/11 people who wanted to learn to fly the planes in a straight line and not learn to land or take off. Remember that? That should have been flagged that these are bombers yet slipped through the cracks and you saw the disaster. Here, same thing. Pfizer threw out failed catastrophic data from doses 1 and 2 and looked at a select 10 or so kids post 3rd shot in this table. And told us and FDA para ‘don’t focus on those first 2 shots data with hospitalizations, infections, and maybe even deaths, just ignore it’.

Yet, even this table is a catastrophic failure. What in it looks favorable? This table. Is the FDA and CDC insane? They have zero credibility. None! We know Pfizer is a corrupted company, a criminal company, IMO. What a bunch of corrupted, inept, and incompetent people in FDA and CDC. Craven lunatics! The small event numbers look good? The small sample size? Is it that? The 95% CI that go all the way to China and back? What? Is that good? And they followed up the kids for 6 weeks. Not the at least one year or 2 years needed follow-up to detect safety signals etc. and even that is too short. We need years of surveillance. This is all madness! And these beasts at FDA and Pfizer will seek to apply a 4th and 5th dose etc. Be warned. This is the hill you defend, under no condition allow this. Not one shot in your healthy child.