Pfizer COVID injection vaccine can impair semen concentration & total motile count among semen donors (Israel study showed, Gat et al.); Thirty-seven sperm donors in 3 sperm banks n=216 samples

by Paul Alexander

Sperm donors demonstrate sperm concentration and Total motility count deterioration 3 months after Pfizer vaccination; whether there is reversal or not of the impairment, this may impact fertility

‘Repetitive measurements revealed -15.4% sperm concentration decrease on T2 (CI -25.5%-3.9%, p = 0.01) leading to total motile count 22.1% reduction (CI -35% - -6.6%, p = 0.007) compared to T0. Similarly, analysis of first semen sample only and samples' mean per donor resulted in concentration and total motile count (TMC) reductions on T2 compared to T0 - median decline of 12 million/ml and 31.2 million motile spermatozoa, respectively (p = 0.02 and 0.002 respectively) on first sample evaluation and median decline of 9.5 × 106 and 27.3 million motile spermatozoa (p = 0.004 and 0.003, respectively) on samples' mean examination.’


I have reported on this prior but for new subscribers, I wanted to highlight this key study that raised serious issues on the impact of the COVID vaccine (both Pfizer and Moderna vaccination) on sperm count and motility.