Pfizer knew right away that the COVID gene injections were unsafe and hid data until it was FOI; these criminals should be investigated and jailed! No mercy, no amnesty! see these tables AGAIN, for

by Paul Alexander

you must never ever forget! 1,223 deaths, over 40,000 adverse events; they knew but hid it and now, tens of thousands of deaths globally and millions of adverse effects; never ever forget!

They hid the data until we had to go to court to get it. Had we know about these 1223 deaths, we would have not gone along as a society for it would have flagged us, now its tends of thousands and we argue hundreds of thousands and into the millions due to these fraud shot! This vaccine was a criminal enterprise. Everything about this mRNA and lipid-nano particle platform is insane, dangerous, and deadly. Was never tested properly and must be stopped.