Pfizer & Moderna cannot demonstrate in ANY of their children trials, because risk of severe illness in children is so vanishingly low, that COVID causes hospitalization, died, infected, severe disease

by Paul Alexander

These Pfizer & Moderna demons (Bourla & Bancel), these demons working with FDA to pull off this crime, know they cannot show any vax merit in low risk children; so they instead show antibody increase

So we are treated to the theater of increased antibodies post shot. Who the hell cares? We know this will happen and we know Abs will wane too. It is the core patient important variables and outcomes we are interested in. Why not design the studies to show this? Or do you FDA and vaccine developer Bourla and Bancel know you cannot reduce ‘0’ risk below ‘0’ risk so you cannot comparatively show any meaningful effect. You know it. What is immuno-bridging, this bogus statistical method you use?

Imagine that, FDA allows these vaccine developers Bourla and Bancel to only show that with the vaccine, antibody levels increase…and we know it will increase. But we also know it wanes very quickly and even gets to negative efficacy. We know and Bourla and Bancel knows and the FDA knows that there is no antibody proxy for immunity, that there is no established antibody correlate of protection.

These are real criminals doing this and parents must understand how serious this battle is for these vaccines, these mRNA, these COVID vaccines WILL kill healthy children…not if, WILL. There is criminality I argue as FDA and CDC and NIH and Bourla and Bancel and Fauci and Walensky et al. know that there will be harms and deaths from this needless vaccine in low risk children that do not need it. Healthy children will be harmed post these vaccines. They know it! And no child has liability protection courtesy of Azar in February-March 2020.

These vaccines were only devised and showed some effect (if we are to believe the fraud Pfizer data submitted to FDA to get EUA (and Moderna) that I do not believe as they omitted participants to ensure they got to publish the 95% relative risk reduction knowing it was 0.7% absolute risk reduction) in reducing mild symptoms, get that, MILD symptoms, NOT severe or moderate symptoms, each time these demons say it reduces severe-moderate symptoms, ask them for the data. Ask them to define their variables. It does not reduce hospitalization or death and each time a CDC and NIH official says this, they lie to you!

Remember this study by Dorabawila et al.: Effectiveness of the BNT162b2 vaccine among children 5-11 and 12-17 years in New York after the Emergence of the Omicron Variant

“From December 13, 2021 to January 30, 2022, among 852,384 fully-vaccinated children 12-17 years and 365,502 children 5-11 years, VE against cases declined from 66% (95% CI: 64%, 67%) to 51% (95% CI: 48%, 54%) for those 12-17 years and from 68% (95% CI: 63%, 72%) to 12% (95% CI: 6%, 16%) for those 5-11 years. During the January 24-30 week, VE for children 11 years was 11% (95%CI -3%, 23%) and for those age 12 was 67% (95% CI: 62%, 71%).” Remember too, this was in a time when Omicron was on tap.

It does nothing. The vaccines are ineffective and will harms and kill! There is evidence and concern about this. It is and will come. I know you know this, you have friends who got harmed and even died, even family from these vaccines. Same will happen to our children. Whose will it be? Yours?

Why move to do this when we know that maybe 95% of children have natural immunity of some form at this time?

I do not mean to repeat what you know.


EUA amendment request for Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 Vaccine for use in children 5 through 11 years of age