Pfizer mRNA gene therapy injection & giant coronary aneurysm in a 5 year-old child: did this child cheat death while Grant Wahl died? Did Pfizer vaxx cause child's coronary aneurysm & Wahl's death?

by Paul Alexander

Khadija et al: "Multiple MIS-C Readmissions and Giant Coronary Aneurysm After COVID-19 Illness and Vaccination: A Case Report"; the patient’s care team decided against further COVID-19 vaccination

‘This is the only such reported case of a patient who was admitted 3 times for MIS-C complications after COVID-19 vaccination.’

This is a healthy child by all accounts and the evidence is building that these mRNA injections can cause coronary type aneurysms including giant cell arteritis (does the mRNA injections cause weakening of the coronary vessel walls including the key aorta vessel e.g. increased risk of vessel wall bulging due to the mRNA injection vaccine and consequent aortic dissection or full rupture whereby blood rushes through the tear and the end result is potential death (though there is a chance of survival if promptly treated)); it may have likely killed Grant Wahl and may have killed this 5 year old child. The medical management may have been optimal and saved the life and especially the decision to not have any more shots. Certainly not until the crisis resolved.



Here is a report on the case of a 5-year-old boy with onset of MIS-C symptoms 55 days after acute COVID-19 illness and 15 days after receiving the first dose of BNT162b2 (Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine) who had recrudescence of MIS-C requiring multiple readmissions associated with significant coronary artery dilation.’

‘MIS-C rarely involves delayed giant coronary aneurysms, multiple readmissions, or occurrence after COVID-19 vaccination. Whether our patient’s COVID-19 vaccine 6 weeks after COVID-19 illness contributed to his MIS-C is unknown. After consultation with the CDC-funded Clinical Immunization Safety Assessment Project, the patient’s care team decided against further COVID-19 vaccination until at least 3 months post normalization of inflammatory markers.’

My prior substack on Grant Wahl’s tragic death and the potential role his vaccine advocate wife may have played by not informing him of the harms:

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Grant Wahl & three research studies: did his wife's advocacy for vaccine (she is a medical doctor) & pushing it to the point of punishing unvaccinated persons, cause or contribute sadly to his death?
Please consider my book, Presidential Takedown: Order via this LINK Now, as you know, Grant Wahl was a sports reporter who suddenly passed away last week. He reportedly died from a ruptured aortic aneurysm. This is tragic and very sad. Rest in peace. Our hearts go out to any loss…
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