Pfizer the criminal pharmaceutical, led by the criminal CEO Albert Bourla (others being Bancel, Sahin et al. of the 10 Horsemen) knew (see page 67) in their trial submission, that there was SHEDDING

by Paul Alexander

see page 67 as to risk to pregnant women "A female family member or healthcare provider reports that she is pregnant after having been exposed to the study intervention by inhalation & skin contact"

How could the FDA as regulator, give EUA, knowing that groups such as pregnant women were excluded from the registrational legacy trials, yet then approved giving the shot to the excluded groups such as pregnant women? That is disallowed in the normal manner that clinical studies are done, protocols are set up, and the approved intervention then applied. You only give the approved intervention to the groups that were part of the ‘inclusion’ criteria, NOT the ‘exclusion’ criteria.

This here is a crime by Pfizer and FDA.

I refound this document from Dr. William Makis and I thank him and focus on page 67. Makis is also raging on shedding, this guy is a demon scientist.