'Pfizer to seek COVID booster for healthy 5- to 11-year-olds'; this is evil on so many levels and the CEO Bourla must be pulled into a court room to testify; 140 kids, too small to assess safety

by Paul Alexander

Children bring near zero risk to the table, do not get severely ill or die from COVID; the study is small sample size, too short a duration, small sample limits safety testing; Ab titer levels is junk

We need to see data on death, hospitalization, etc. and not only on Ab levels; the latter is only one of several components and in this case the least important. Such a small study cannot detect rare events. This is pure rubbish by Pfizer and FDA and dangerous and reckless as we are placing the innate immune system of children at risk with these vaccines and the boosting. We will harm our children and we must take liability protection off the table and hold all the vaccine developers to account should children die.

A healthy child needs none of these vaccines and is likely already exposed and now has natural immunity or is cross-protected/cross-reactive due to prior common cold coronavirus. The innate immunity of children is pre-activated and prepared and is enough to protect them from COVID and has been already protecting them.


Pfizer to seek COVID booster for healthy 5- to 11-year-olds