Pfizer's Albert Bourla, ahh you get the sense he is trying to begin blaming the scientists at Pfizer for the mRNA vaccine, NOT him, saying "I was surprised' & "they convinced me" & "counterintuitive"

by Paul Alexander

He said "they were convinced this was the right way to go"; seems to me he is distancing himself from the vaccine...why? Then the liar in chief Rochelle Walensky getting vax efficacy info from CNN????

Bourla knows that one day he will be sitting in a courtroom to defend many many things such as the unnecessary loss of life form these injections.

And then you have the CDC Director Walensky telling you that she gets her information really on CNN and found out about the vaccine’s lack of efficacy from CNN, ridiculously trying to CYA or C her A…this CDC director is telling you that she got the vaccine information from CNN and she was very surprised and thus can you really understand the psychopathy of these people: