PFIZER's Bourla, Bancel, CDC, NIH, Fauci, Walensky, Francis Collins, some media doctors, they are praying OMICRON is really their off-ramp exit strategy; why? the people are waking up, figuring it out

by Paul Alexander

People are figuring out that the RRR of 95% was fake, it was really <0.9% ARR; they are figuring out that the vaccine is a dud, never worked, it is harmful; they are figuring out the harms and are mad

RRR is used always by pharma and media to deceive the public…I am a student of EBM, we learnt how this is done and how to do it…pharma did it here and FDA knew and allowed it…they know that RRR is not the correct measure, its a con, it is ARR that was the correct measure and RRR is used to make a drug or vaccine look more effective. when it is not. e.g. the difference between the numbers 0.000002% and 0.000001% is a 50% RRR but a 0.000001% ARR…I could advertise my new drug reduced the risk of heart attack by 50% and I would not be lying, but it is a lie of omission…RRR is not what is the right measure…its the ARR of 0.000001%….if you were told a drug that has toxic side effects like 2 stomach bleeds etc. has an ARR of 0.000001% reduced risk of stroke, you would not want it…the absolute benefits of that very modest small reduction in stroke risk do not outweigh the harms…its thats simple. the con is right there. we know this, pharma knows this, FDA knows this, CDC knows this, Fauci knows this…they use it all the time. its a con and lie to deceive. Had you been told the vaccine reduces risk of mild COVID, the sniffles, by 0.7%, you would have not wanted it…you were lied to and told a 95% RRR. not even reduced risk of infection or transmission or death. yet you jumped at that after over one year of lockdowns and terror.

Do not take the vaccine or booster, I cannot say it will not kill you. Its that simple. We do not know the poison pills, we do not know and we were deceived. And people have died from the vaccines.

They need this to end and need Omicron to deliver their exit….

People are waking up and fast, Bourla et al. are running scared now…you can see it.

Bourla of Pfizer is running scared, he is…he and they know the truth, they knew the lies…their lies…he is even now trying to tell you what he should have said day 1, that it is ineffective….the less than 1% ARR is coming home to roost now, the vaccine never worked…but more importantly, millions of people are waking up and have buyers remorse and many badly hurt by the vaccine, and I predict many of these CEOs and public health official people will have to face legal justice in time…and they know it. Especially when good hard working people got side effects, lost sight (I know people who got strokes in the eye as they took the shot), or lost loved ones due to the shot or even children, god forbid and I predict, it is when American children die, young children, from the shots, then the American mothers will fix is she who will remedy things…sit back, you just watch.

OMICRON has to deliver for Bourla to get him out of the dangerous position he is in, it has to help all these criminals get out of the box they are in; its their exit strategy…but they created a monster where the population are the enforcers for them, and did some real good enforcing, but now the enforces are gone nuts, hooked, stark lunacy and want more lockdowns and masks and tests and more and more boosting…

But the insiders know the vaccine is ineffective and harmful and killing people…so they want it stopped…trust me, they do, they made lots of money…if you can get a way for not one more vaccine to be given, Bourla will take it…I know he is thinking what happens if one day I and we go on trial??? is he talking down boosters? hhhmmmmmmm….and it can happen, yes, these people can sit in a jail, the day the public really say “hey, was all of this a lie? from lockdowns onwards? did you force us, mandate us, did I lose my job, to take a vaccine that was never effective and even killed? killed my Suzie? killed Johnny? and caused me to have a stroke”?

Well, I don't think not even under his mother’s bed, could Bourla hide from a public who gets wind of the truth…