PFIZER's Bourla now tells us that vaccine "offers very limited protection, if any,"; remember prior he & CDC & FAUCI said it was 100% effective; he even now says 3 doses BOOSTER offers 'REASONABLE' protection

by Paul Alexander

See my 'QUICK BACK OF THE ENVELOPE' calculations below that shows you the criminality and crookedness of Pfizer and CDC; they knew by the data the vaccine did NOT work day 1, was RRR 15-20%, not 95%

CDC has 21,000 employees and we have to get this junk from CDC?

So was this all about greed? Is there malfeasance involved? I do not know but this stinks to high heavens and people have to be accountable.

So why did they lie to millions and millions to take even one shot? It was all a lie day 1 by CDC, NIH, the government, Trump govn and Biden govn officials, all of these health officials, all of those television medical experts, Fauci, Francis Collins, Walensky…they are simply dishonest people who collectively deceive the public;

I and others said and we were attacked, I have ben saying day 1 that the vaccines do not work…you did not need this criminal Bourla to say it…that the vaccine NEVER ever worked…never…these vaccines were never effective and definitely not safe…I am sorry but because the proper safety testing was not done, and thus they did not ‘exclude harms’ medium and long term, then all those who took the vaccine, then they nor I can truthfully tell you that you may not get severely ill and can even die of the vaccine…thousands have died already…

Not because you are ok today means that there is not any poison pill or the vaccine would not harm you into the future…why? Because they did not rule this out with proper safety testing…its that simple….you can never take a 15 year process and boil it down to 3 months and tell me you did not cut corners, that's impossible….many corners were cut…IMO, but you make your own decision, if you did not take these vaccines, do not take any, if you took 2 shots, take no booster, take no 4th shot, this is what I would do…I cannot tell you what to do but I can say this, I will chance the virus and Omicron…if you are a reasonably healthy person under 70, you have no reason to take these vaccines. we have safe and effective therapeutics that work….we have nasal oral washes that kill near all of the virus in its tracks…this is my opinion but you make your decision with your doctor. this is how I feel about this ineffective and unsafe vaccines…OMICRON signals COVID is done. time to live your life.


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Albert Bourla



Apr 1, 2021

More #COVID19 news to share: Updated topline analysis of 927 confirmed symptomatic cases from our Phase 3 study with BioNTech showed our vaccine is 91.3% effective measured seven days through up to six months after the second dose:… (1/4)

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Pfizer Inc.


· Jan 26, 2021

The Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine has not been approved or licensed by the U.S. FDA but has been authorized for emergency use to prevent COVID-19 in individuals 16+. See conditions of use:


Albert Bourla


The data also showed the vaccine was 100% effective against severe #COVID19 as defined by @CDCgov and 95.3% effective against severe COVID-19 as defined by @US_FDA. Very reassuring news. (2/4)

7:38 AM · Apr 1, 2021·Twitter Web App

This is Pfizer’s web page April 2021….

Calculations that show the vaccine NEVER worked and was never 95% RRR…

A 50% threshold was set to get EUA…

These are rounded numbers and a quick back calculation for you…you take time and use the perfect numbers if you wish…

Pfizer said trial was 44,000 so lets model with 22,000 per arm

22,000 control placebo

22,000 vaccine arm

They said 8 events in vaccine and 162 events in control

So 8/22,000=0.036 vaccine arm

So 162/22,000= 0.73 placebo arm

Relative risk reductive (RRR) equation is (CER-EER/CER) x 100% where CER is control event rate and EER is experimental event rate

So ((0.73-0.036)/0.73) x 100= 95%….that is their 95% RRR

But what we needed to know is the absolute risk reduction (ARR) and not the RRR and the ARR is calculated as CER-EER = 0.73-0.036=0.7%

The ARR is 0.7% which should have been reported as this is the statistic the people needed to know, not the RRR….and thus this is a number needed to treat (NNT) or number needed to vaccinate (NNTV)= approx. 140….you would need to vaccinate 140 persons to get 1 successful outcome

But we knew that they omitted 3400 or so patients because buried in their submission document (as they had to account for them) was a statement that they ‘suspected’ infection but did not go on to lab confirm….imagine that….and the FDA let that fly….

So let us back calculate and do a worst case scenario and put this data into a model and assume the worst case where the 3400 was divided into 2 and the vaccine arm got half, so 1700 and the control arm got 1700…and let us put the 1700 in the denominator too:

So now vaccine is 1700 + 8 =1708

Placebo is 1700 + 162= 1862

Now the new RRR =

((1862/23,400 - 1708/23,400) / 1862/23,400) x 100

(0.079- 0.07)/0.079 x 100 = approx 11%

RRR =11%

And thus does NOT meet the 50% threshold set to grant EUA

I argue that Bourla and CDC and NIH knew the vaccine did NOT work day 1, it was ineffective, just 10% RRR…but again, it is the ARR and thus this was a failure and they lied to us all day 1…they are criminals…

If we went with the RRR and not the ARR and we back calculated, we only get a RRR of 10% or so…

The vaccine never worked day 1. it was never 95% RRR and what they stated was a lie due to the corrupted analysis to get the EUA and Hahn has answering to do…, and now in the real world, the vaccine is behaving as it always was behaving, it is NOT effective…and they cannot lie with that…the data is the data…so now its boosters after booster…and you are not stopping to ask the question, “If it is working and effective, why do I need a 4th shot…did it even work day 1…did they lie day 1”?