Photo: Dr. Ramin Oskoui, MD, Cardiologist, Washington, DC, Virginia; FOXHALL cardiology & I; one of smartest sweetest people I have ever met, my good friend, had dinner after Dr. Wolf's book signing

by Paul Alexander

I attended Dr. Naomi Wolf's book signing and actually was asked to speak, after this we went to dinner, Ramin and I and we did this over the last 2 years; I grew to know him

Ramin Oskoui and I at one of our dinners (taken actually not too long ago) in his favourite Mexican restaurant in Washington, DC, this is not long ago (I drove from New York with family); we did this every 2-3 weeks when I was in DC and after and also a favourite arabic restaurant (or Moroccan); he idolized McCullough and Risch, always wanted me to get us to go to DC for some conference so he could meet McCullough in person, I was working on it; and he stepped back from FOX appearances with us as part of Laura’s Medicine Chest crew as folk in his medical board told him (he explained to me) that if you stopped appearing on FOX (how much he adored Laura Ingraham for her smarts and honesty, he would tell me stories and showed me the deep admiration) and speaking out against lockdowns and the vaccine & writing papers with Alexander and Risch and McCullough (he was co-author on many of my AIER and Brownstone papers), they would ease up on going after his licence etc. It was crazy what he was enduring behind the scenes for his advocacy against the COVID shot, lockdowns, and for treatment. Oh they were terrorizing him yet he was slapping them back with pure science and evidence (I was part of his legal fight and so was Risch and I think Smith, a couple others he reached out to so as to help him with the science for his case) but it had an effect on him.

This was a great American, this was why I was in the fight, for he would consel me and guide me and tee me up and he was so adept on the data, I would send him things and he would have it too…he loved McCullough, he told me ‘thats the real deal and wondered to me how McCullough got the energy’.

Above all, he worshiped his family, his 2 daughters. He was so proud of them. His wife, and his bees. But this is and was one of the most connected well-known people in US government and I argue for all the good things.


We must never forget Ramin and he was one of the first (with Berenson and I and Bhattacharya etc. against lockdowns).

I would say his passing has affected me in ways, it has changed me. This was a guy waging a battle for his medical licence (I was helping with science and I believe Harvey Risch too and S Smith etc.) and doing a major battle against the tyranny ‘silently’ as the medical board criminals told him stop the FOX appearances and his writing with us and they would lay off yet he had a hearing soon; now he is gone!

I learnt lots about the CIA from Ramin as his father was a CIA agent, this man loved life, his family, his wife he adored and his 2 daughters, each time we met one of the first would be his photos in his wallet each time he would say “did I show you the last ones of my girls”? He sent them overseas so they did not have to take shots to go to university. So proud of them.

by Paul Alexander

June 2, 2022

You saw him lots on FOX news Ingraham…he lead the fight day one on the devastating lockdowns and a huge advocate of helping his patients. Early treatment.

Ramin is in our camp and a leader in his recognition that the response to COVID, the lockdown lunacy etc. stands as one of the most significant public health disasters ever, in line with the ineffective and unsafe COVID injections. Two of the greatest public health disasters EVER!