Photo of POTUS Trump (aka '45') & Dr. Paul Elias Alexander taken July 10th 2023; '45' was very gracious & signalled to all strongly, that he is listening to a broad spectrum of views on all issues

by Paul Alexander

relevant to bettering America & the globe; he understands the challenges & I felt confident that a 2nd stint at bat will position America under him as the beacon of hope it is; Trump-Kennedy MAGA!

I remain on the Trump train! I feel strongly that had the deepstate, legacy swamp DC media, the RINOs, the democrats, & the corrupted conflicted alphabet agencies such as CDC, NIH, NIAID, FDA, HHS etc. not conspired to topple him from the inside, then he would have gone down as the greatest POTUS save Abe and George. COVID damaged him, the lockdowns by Fauci & Birx hurt him, the fraud COVID mRNA technology gene injection platform (and DNA platform) hurt him, and he trusted his advisors. I think he has learnt and I think that if we give him a 2nd shot, he will make amends to the destruction that COVID visited upon us. Certainly, in January 2020, he was on pace to win 400 electoral votes and win 42 States. He can again. I will take a position in his administration again, I will not think twice for I saw what he did for African Americans, women, Latinoes, all special interest groups, gains that the media failed to share. Who can for 9 years, withstand the slings and arrows and smears and slander that he has and his family. The filthy legacy media has been relentless and what the establishment fails to get is that ‘45’ is cleaner than them.

Trump remains the most powerful ex-POTUS, more so than Obama could have even been, or Bush, or Clinton etc. He is the only person on this earth that has an 83 million man and woman standing army that would respond to him, if called upon. I think the system KNOWS this. I know they know his power. The media did not create Trump and the love affair he has with his people, the reality is that he did, they did, and only they will decide when that is over. No one else.

I like you, want the best for America and I have been clear that I as a simple ‘little’ person will vote for a democrat who checks the key boxes. I will vote Kenney if 45 was not on deck. But there is no one like Trump capable of doing what needs to be done now for America and he is not perfect and we should not want that. He is flawed like each of us. But the sense I have always gotten and in fact know is that this is a good human being, smart, with a good America loving heart. We need someone like him, strong, tough, relentless, mandingo, unafraid. Lover of nation first. Lover of flag.

MAGA for me all the way!