Photos; Dr Naomi Wolf's book launch yesterday in Washington; many freedom fighters were in attendance including McCullough, Navarro, Bannon etc., I spoke & McCullough, please get his book, worth it

by Paul Alexander

Speeches to follow including Naomi's on why she is in this important fight, especially the damages being done to women and the baby due to this ineffective and unsafe mRNA COVID Pfizer vaccine

Book title: The Bodies of Others

To say that Naomi is putting her self out and cutting against the grain is the understatement. She is literally fighting the establishment, about the COVID lockdown and school closure lunatic policies from day 1, but the damages from these injections whereby we have no liability protection. The pharmaceuticals Pfzier and Moderna now have our children, our precious and youngest in their cross hairs and this is out hot gates where we hold them and fight and stop this!

These vaccines are dangerous and I will say it as plainly as I can. These injections/vaccines will kill healthy children. WILL kill, not if, WILL! All those public health officials in US, Canada, UK elsewhere, have not made any case as to why these are needed and they are reckless, illogical, specious, and very dangerous to our children. Demand that Canadian Njoo and Tam and Premier Ford and PM Trudeau and Kieran, and all of these incompetent unsound idiots, show you data or evidence to support this, that low risk children must be vaccinated with these ineffective and unsafe shots, beyond bogus antibody undersized, short duration bogus methodologically deficient studies…demand it…studies that the EBM world out of McMaster and elsewhere would have ripped apart prior to the lucrative research grant funding they all now enjoy. What the hell is antibody levels relative to hard patient-important outcomes such as death, ICU, infection, hospitalization? Why antibody levels are the only outcome? Let them tell you why. They know why.

Shame on them for their silence, shame on all of them who sold out to money and grants! History will be visited in a negative light for all those who partook in this. They can’t look McCollough, Risch, me in the eyes…can’t…they know the frauds committed. Can’t look Dr. Mark Trozzi in the eyes as they persecuted him, can’t look Dr. Byram Bridle in the eyes. Shame on all of them and a pox on their houses!

demand same of Fauci, Francis Collins, the blinker Ashish Jha, Walensky, Bourla of Pfizer, Bancel of Moderna…demand it….as I have said always, we praise all these people if their work was above board,

There are some healthy children who will be harmed and die needlessly from these shots, as they bring near zero risk to the table and this only skews to harms. Only harms! No benefits. There is no cost effective analyses and if this injection has harms as already shown, then why move to vaccinate our near statistical zero risk children?

She Naomi has joined a list of us who have been slandered and attacked and cancelled. Yet she has made a stand and what a stand and her voice in this battle is akin to the 15 of us from day 1. I/we am/are honored to have her in the foxhole waging this battle.

Huge praise, respect, love, support to her and her beautiful human being husband Brian, they are in this fight, we need them!


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