Pierre Kory writes beautifully as he does, he is a friend of mine; he writes about continued mass censorship by social media technology/algorithms e.g. TWITTER, Facebook etc.; I too was blocked from

by Paul Alexander

TWITTER again because I wrote about Malone & his deadly mRNA technology & role in the harms of the COVID shots & silence by the Freedom Movement in questioning him; censorship in the Freedom Movement

Big praise to Pierre, a strong soldier in the fight and we await him joining The Wellness Company for he has a home there, making real differences. Pierre should also write about the crazy censorship in the actual Freedom Movement he is part of that I no longer am interested in being part of. I am gone, done of it. Many good people there like Pierre, many putrid filthy money whoring people also, pimping off of donors and censorshing once you raise questions of their money whoring fleecing ways of the unsuspecting public and especially if you raise questions about Malone’s (and Kariko and Weissman) mRNA technology that is inside the gene injection vaccine and that has killed many, the very many Pierre himself talks about. My issue is I ‘go to source’. Many play on the edges as afraid to lose ‘followers’ or shout outs, or get smeared or sued. I welcome any or all of that. It’s time for ‘discovery’ in legal settings. Of all of us, for we in the Freedom Movement have our issues too. Many bad folk hide out there. It’s incredible.

Start here as to Pierre, he is 100% correct here:


We live in a corporate fascist state at this point. Mass, coordinated censorship started with elections, then mission creeped over to any scientific opinion in Covid which threatened Pharma/DOD interests, but now censorship in media is so normalized that they are wantonly censoring and propagandizing large parts of every important topic we face as a society , i.e. Ukraine, currency threats, the protests in France against Macron, Joe and Hunter Biden corruption developments, Bobby Kennedy interview, and worst of all, the failure to widely and deeply cover the Twitter Files discovery that every single agency of our government had a centralized, direct, efficient access and ability to censor any citizen with an account on any major social media company. And they have done this aggressively for going on 3 years now.

That story itself is, in my opinion, one of the most disturbing in modern American History. And has already disappeared from its brief news cycle. A friend of mine posted a link on Facebook a month ago to buy my soon-to-be released and (deeply researched ) book called “The War on Ivermectin.” She was thrown in Facebook jail for 30 days. Another friend of mine just posted a link to my book on Instagram and she was immediately shadow banned.

They are literally “burning books” again, and with impunity. Yet few know the true extent of the censoring and even fewer are fighting back. America is unrecognizable to me and has been now for 3 years. More grotesque by the day. This will not end well as our society and democracy (whatever shred we had left of it) is being destroyed by those who own corporate controlled media and run the agencies (health, agriculture, energy, etc). The absence of open exchange and debate of emerging data combined with being drowned in incessant propaganda narratives day after day, has made the world go stark raving mad.

This madness caused millions around the world to take deeply personal actions which served Pharma’s interests over their own health, causing many to be complicit in their own demise or disability. In my opinion, the last bastion for truth are books, documentaries, Substack (for now) and independent podcasters. I would suggest consuming little else but those sources or we’re done for. if you cant tell, I’m really really pissed off (and frightened) tonight.’