PIERS MORGAN: he was one of the psycho nutball insane Branch COVIDians who helped censor & punish people like me, Risch, McCullough, Jeff Tucker, Vinay, Wolf etc. who were only showing real science,

by Paul Alexander

Screw you Piers, now I guess you are an Osterian, you want AMNESTY? You want us to forget, oh so you just believed Fauci etc., I say no, boycott your bullshit program, you helped harm millions

These frauds, they knew they were lying but were padding their jobs and careers, did not care they helped hurt and kill millions by going along. Now trying to say ‘oh, we did not know, we thought the government people were right’. Bull sh*t! Frauds like him and eunuch Chris Wallace, opportunistic inept frauds! Lots of apologizing to do yet it will never be enough to fix the harms you caused.



You were the problem and simple lay people could have figured it out. not you? No, you wanted the money and fame and you decided to protect your salary and job. People died on accounts of you, you have way more contrition brother, before you are regarded with any respect.