Pilot dies in crash in Nevada, late February 2023, Scott Walton, 46, was among five killed when the medical flight he was piloting crashed in rural northern Nevada; why? how could this happen?

by Paul Alexander

Warning, we will likely lose one or two maybe three big commercial planes that will come down, pilots are forced to fly vaccinated with silent myocarditis, not being cleared to fly appropriately

The risk is serious and grave, huge implications.

Pilots must refuse to fly. Airlines are not protecting their pilots.

There is silent myocarditis that in a stressful plane flight situation can result in cardiac arrest. Adrenaline bathing a myocarditis scarred heart. This is a very serious situation and pilots are placed at risk and so are the passengers.

This is likely vaccine induced myocarditis unless vaccine is ruled out or myocarditis. In this era of ‘died suddenly’.


Family: Nevada plane crash pilot had ‘affinity for aviation’