Pilots dying in mid-air? "There's a number of pilots out there who are fearful to come forward and speak"; Airline Pilot Suffers Heart Attack During Takeoff then Dies; American Eagle (Envoy)

by Paul Alexander

Why? What do you think caused this? Planes could start dropping out of the skies! Pilot Greg Pearson share's the story of his rapid onset atrial fibrillation after getting vaccinated against #COVID19.

‘The pilot of a Chicago flight bound for Columbus, Ohio, passed out suddenly after takeoff Saturday evening, prompting a co-pilot to make a return flight back to the airport. The pilot, who was a captain in training for American Airlines subsidiary Envoy Air, later died at the hospital, according to reports.’

While the cause of the pilot’s blackout has not been revealed, incidents like this were exactly what pilots who rallied against mandatory Covid vaccinations were trying to avoid.

Last December, American Airlines Captain Greg Pearson, who suffered atrial fibrillation after getting a work-mandated Covid-19 jab, warned his medical emergency could have occurred as he tried to land a plane.’

Does Pete Buttigieg know about this? Does he care?